How to Create Letterhead In Word Easiest

Create Letterhead In word is very important and has its own value. It should be noted that a letterhead is a standard or standard format used as an official or authentic sign for a letter from a company, agency or individual.
Thus, the letterhead itself is an identifier of the sender of the letter. In general, the letterhead is located at the top of a letter, right before the body of the letter.
Besides, the letterhead can also function to increase the level of formality and the degree of importance of the letter sent.
Letterhead is generally used in a company or agency as an identity so that the recipient of the letter knows where the letter came from and what institution or agency sent the letter.

How to Create Letterhead In word

In a company or agency, before making a letter to be sent to the sender, it is necessary to make a letterhead to state the identity of the company or agency.
In the article below, we will provide a tutorial How to Create Letterhead in Microsoft Word in the easiest way. The steps are as follows:
  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Click the insert menu
  • Select a header
insert header
  • For Letterhead Identity, write the name of the agency, address, telephone number, and others required as the identity of the company or individual.
write identitiy letterhead
  • Set the identity to be in the middle, by: Block all Text> Click the Home Menu> Toolbar Paragraph> Center
center identity letterhead
  • After writing the identity of the agency or company, the next step is to provide a border on the identity of the company, the method is as follows:
  • Put the cursor at the end of the text of the company identity, click the Home menu, look at the Toolbar paragraph group, click on the Border> Bottom Border
bottom border on letterhead
  • Insert an agency or company logo into the Letterhead, the method is as follows:
  • Place the cursor on the far right of the identity
  • Click the Insert menu> Picture
  • Select your Logo> Insert
insert logo letterhead
  • Setting the logo so that the identity logo can be neatly arranged on the far right of the identity
  • Right click on logo> Wrap Text> Tight
wrap image on letterhead
  • Adjust the size of the logo so that the location and size is in accordance with the Letterhead, the way is by left clicking the image, then placing it in one corner of the image, then drag and drag the image inward to reduce it or Drag outward to enlarge the logo image. the result is as in the image below.
create letterhead in word
  • Completed

Additional of Letterhead 

If you want to add a logo to the right of the identity, then you can do this by inserting the picture or logo again and placing it on the right side of the agency identity.
That's the short and easiest tutorial How to Create Letterhead In word. Hopefully can help.

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