How to Warm Up and Cooling Down Badminton?

Like if we want to exercise, then we have to warm up first. Warming up will prepare you physically and mentally in doing the main sport. Warming up will increase the oxygen supply and raise the temperature of our muscles to become warmer. Warming up properly will make the body healthier and stronger. Other benefits of heating are:
  • Warm muscles will be able to contract quickly, as well as return to relax easily.
  • Dilates blood vessels so that the burden on the heart is not too heavy and reduces resistance to blood flow
  • Increase the blood temperature so that oxygen is more easily released by hemoglobin in the body's organs
  • Increase the production of hormones associated with the body's process of producing energy. Exercise definitely requires a lot of energy, so it takes a lot of hormones to burn carbohydrates and fatty acids as a source of energy in our bodies.
  • Prepare mentally and mind to focus on exercising after warming up

How to warm up for badminton? 

The most important thing is that warming up should not be filled with strenuous activities that drain energy, such as push ups, aerobics, or sit ups. Also done about 10-15 minutes before practice or play. There is no measure of how long we have to warm up. As long as the body feels warm and sweaty, it can be said that is enough.
Warm Up and Cooling Down Badminton
How to warm up before practicing or playing badminton is as follows:
  • Do a jog first, either in place or around the field
  • Do a little exercise for 10 minutes first, such as swinging your hands, twirling your wrists and feet, contorting your hips, and so on.
  • Sitting and then standing exercises to train the legs
  • After that, you can warm up with light blows with friends
  • Warm up more on the wrist that is used to play. For left-handed players, of course, there is more movement in the left arm.
  • Before playing, make sure first that the body is really fit to compete / play
Even though the heating is still we have to take it seriously. Carelessness can be fatal when we play, because it is not uncommon for players to get injured while playing.
After playing or competing, it is necessary to cool down by lightly stretching then sitting on the floor with your legs extended forward and doing muscle relaxation.

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