Security Task Manager to Stop Virus & Hidden Process

Security task manager is a utility tool that is not built into Windows and you can download it for free or paid to use the pro version on the Neuber Software page.
You can use this utility tool to replace the task of the default Windows Task Manager utility which cannot kill hidden processes or stubborn virus activity.

Why use a Task Manager form Third Party Software?

In certain conditions and cases, due to active virus activity in memory, the installed anti-virus cannot work. First, the running virus application must be stopped, and usually in this condition the default Windows Task Manager utility cannot stop it.
Therefore, we can use a third-party task manager to stop virus activity or other hidden processes that cannot be stopped using the Windows Built-in Task Manager.

How to download and use Security Task Manager

To download the free version you can go directly to the web page of Neuber software. You can download it for free. Besides that, you can also buy this task manager utility by registering the product to get more advanced features of this application (get the full version).
How to use it
  • Download and install from
  • Run the application
security task manager
  • After you run it, the program will do this scanning for a few moments to identify hidden programs running on Windows
  • The program, the application will also analyze the risk rating of each hidden process that is currently running
scanning hidden process task manager
  • After the scanning and analysis process, the application program will display an information window containing all hidden processes or hidden programs running along with their risk rating.
scan result task manager
  • Please select a hidden program or hidden process that you want to kill, then select Remove. 
Furthermore, there are three (3) options, namely
  1. End Process: to stop the process
  2. Move file to quarantine: to put it in the backup or quarantine folder
  3. Uninstall: to delete the file, program or application
stop delete hidden process
  • Please choose according to your wishes. Our recommendation is to select Move file to quarantine. This option will delete the autorun registry and you can change it in the Edit / Quarantine menu.
This is the trick to stop hidden processes and / or virus activity by using a third-party Security Task Manager which you can download for free on

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