Overhead, Smash, Dropshot, Netting Correctly

Overhead, smash, drop shot, netting techniques are weapons for badminton players. The following is a brief explanation of how and when and the right conditions for performing overhead techniques, smash techniques, drop shot techniques and netting techniques in badminton.

Correct Badminton Overhead Technique

In the game of badminton, overhead is done when the direction of the shuttlecock falls towards the back of our standing position. Furthermore, this overhead is done by hitting the shuttlecock as well as throwing, and the racket is held using the forehand technique.
overhead badminton tecnique
Players with good body flexibility will be able to do this movement well too. Players with short stature are often harassed with long back blows that force the player to hit overhead. Still remember with Mia Audina? This player often does it.

The correct badminton smash technique

In badminton, smash is a movement technique that is attacking and aims to kill the opposing players' movements. The best smash will be created if it is done with a high jump, because it is in that position that we can get the perfect smash position. This smash is done with great force and the shuttlecock is hit towards the bottom of the opponent's area. Because it is done with full force, the movement of the shuttlecock on this smash is very sharp.
smash badminton tecnique

Correct badminton Drop shot technique

Drop shot is a movement in badminton which is almost the same as the smash motion, or rather the gentle version of the smash movement. The drop shot movement is also attacking and aims to turn off the movement of the opposing player. Unlike the powerful smash moves, drop shot is done with a soft touch or a slight push. The target for the shuttlecock to fall while performing this drop shot movement is to be not far from the net.
drop shot badminton tecnique
This drop shot movement is often used to outwit opposing players, namely by jumping high like a smash but it turns out to be a drop shot movement where the shuttle falls not far from the net and moves smoothly (not as sharp as a smash). Taking a drop shot has its own difficulties when compared to a smash. When taking a drop shot, there are several factors that are interrelated and affect the success or failure of the drop shot.
Factors that affect a Drop shot hit:
  • body position
  • racket handle
  • movement of the legs
  • weight transfer that moves in harmony
The steps to do the Drop shot technique:
  • Hold the racket using the forehand technique
  • body position sideways to the shoulder
  • Body movements must be nimble until the position of the body is behind the shuttlecock
  • hitting the racket with a straight hand, then do the same as with the smash but just give the shuttlecock a little push and touch
  • point the shuttlecock to an empty position from the opposing player's area (an area that is roughly inaccessible to the opposing player), either to the right, left or front

Correct badminton netting technique

Netting is one of the most difficult movements in badminton. Even a player who has been counted as a national and international professional class player does not guarantee that he will always succeed in this netting technique. This is because the netting movement requires a high sense of the way and direction of placing the ball that must be right. The netting technique is done by making a slow stroke on the shuttlecock then directing the position of the fall as close as possible to the net.
netting badminton tecnique
OK, badminton players. Hopefully some of the explanations above are about how to do correct and precise overhead, smash, Drop shot, netting techniques. Hopefully you can practice it properly so that it supports your game performance to be the best.

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