How to insert formula in word with Easy

How to insert formula in word easily? So, these questions in the front will be our discussion in the Microsoft Word tutorial on How to use formula in Microsoft Word? 
Formula in Microsoft Office Word is a tool that functions to insert formula into tables that are inserted in Microsoft Word as well as formula that we often use in Microsoft Excel.
Although formula functions are not as detailed as those in Microsoft Excel, formula functions in Microsoft Word really help us in fast and accurate calculations in Ms Word documents.
The formula function in the ms word application is usually inserted into the table because its purpose is to assist word document users in calculating or processing numbers as in ms excel. Therefore, when the data in the existing table column in ms word is changed, the other data will adjust to the existing data.
My current assumption is that you all know and can use Microsoft Excel. Because the application of formula functions in Ms Word also requires accuracy in reading cells in a column.

Tutorial How to insert formula in word?

Previously, we need to say that in the tutorial using the formula in MS Word below, we demonstrate using MS Word Office 2019. However, you can practice the tutorial using other versions of MS Word Office. 
For more details on the tutorial on how to use formula in Microsoft Word, here is an explanation of the tutorial we mean.
  • The first step, please create a table in MS Word.
  • Next, please fill in as in the example below. Or please adjust the contents according to your needs and desires.
create table
  • Next place your cursor on the cell where the formula will be entered
  • Then click layout on the menu bar, select the formula in the data group.
using formula in word
  • Next, the Formula window will appear
  • Fill in the formula on the formula menu,
An example of the simulation in the data above is that we will add up between 2 and 3. What we have to understand is the location or position of numbers 2 and 3. Number 2 is located in cell A2 while number 3 is in cell B2, so the formula for add up between 2 and 3. 3 is "= A2 + B2".
how to insert formula in word
  • After you enter the formula correctly, click OK and then see the results.
insert formula in word
  • To enter the formula at the bottom, which is add up between 4 and 5, then we must also pay attention to the location of the cell between number 4 and number 5.
That's a little tutorial on how to insert formula in word easily. You can also enter other formulas such as multiplication, division, rank and other formula as you use Microsoft Excel. Hope it can be useful.

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