How to Hold Badminton Racket Correctly?

The most basic technique of playing badminton is how to hold badminton racket (Grip)? This is the main factor that has the most influence on the quality of the resulting stroke. A beginner who learns to play badminton must really master this basic technique first in order to move on to the next basic badminton game technique.

How to hold badminton racket correctly?

As for how to hold a racket in badminton consists of 2 types of techniques, namely as follows:

Forehand Technique

How to hold a racket using the forehand technique can be done using your right or left hand. The details are as follows:
  • Side of the racket head
  • Hold the racket just like when we shake hands with other people
  • Between the thumb and index finger there is a gap shaped like the letter V
  • The other finger (pinky, ring finger, middle finger) grips the racket
how to hold badminton racket forehand grip

Backhand Technique

As with the forehand technique, how to hold a racket with this backhand technique can also be done with the right or left hand. Basically, the way to hold the racket with the backhand technique is the same as the forehand technique, there is only a slight difference, namely the position of the thumb and index finger closer. The details are as follows:
  • Racket head position sideways
  • Position of the thumb slightly apart from the other four fingers
  • Four fingers (index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger) hold the racket
backhand grip technique

That's a little theory about how to hold badminton racket correctly. May be useful

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