How to do a Badminton Forehand Stroke Correctly

The type of stroke that is commonly used in badminton is the forehand technique. A stroke using the forehand technique is carried out by swinging the body from behind to move towards the front of the racket, where the palm of the hand is facing the shuttlecock.
forehand stroke badminton
The details of how to hit with this forehand technique are as follows:
  • Hold the racket by the forehand technique grip racket
  • crossed position of the right and left legs (right foot behind and left foot in front)
  • tilt the body to the right
  • hit the shuttlecock while moving your shoulders forward
  • let the hand continue downward
  • when you want to make a clear shot, then hit the shuttlecock as hard as possible
Hopefully the tricks about the technique of how to do a badminton forehand stroke can help you in learning badminton forehand stroke.

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