Body Position, Foot Movement in badminton

In badminton, there is one basic skill that must be possessed, namely agility. A badminton player is required to be agile in moving, not only the hands that make the punches but also other limbs including footwork.
This is because in order to make and produce quality punches at the same time as being deadly, there must be a harmonization between the hands, body and feet. Good cooperation between the members of this body is not only needed when we carry out attacks, but also to defend against attacks from opponents.
footwork movement

Attitude and Body Position

The basic technique of playing badminton, stance and body position refers to the concept of balance. Not only agility, balance is also an element that is no less important in playing badminton. It is simple and sometimes underestimated by ordinary people. But for a professional badminton player, they understand very well how important this element of balance is in the game.
body position badminton
Real evidence of the importance of the balance element in badminton can be seen in professional badminton matches, both locally, nationally and internationally. Often times a badminton player is not optimal or even fails to produce quality shots just because their balance is not good.
The ways that must be done in order to have a good balance are as follows:
  • position your body resting on both right and left legs (this applies when attacking or defending)
  • bend or bend your knees, then stand on your toes until your hips are in an upright position
  • both feet shoulder width apart with a parallel position or one foot forward
  • one arm of the elbow that is not holding the racket is at the side of the body, so that the other hand that is holding the racket is free to move

Body Position When Hitting (Hitting Position)

It cannot be denied that in badminton, not only how to hit, but the position of the body when making a stroke also greatly affects the quality of the resulting strokes. The details of the correct body position when hitting are as follows
  • keep your torso sideways towards the net
  • left foot is in front of right foot
  • body position behind the shuttlecock
  • right shoulder slightly pulled back
  • when taking several strokes, there must be a change in the position of the right shoulder and right foot
body position stroke
This is a brief explanation of body position and foot movements which are basic skill techniques that must be mastered by badminton players.

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