Badminton Rules and Regulations Must Know

The following are Badminton Rules and Regulations that you must know before playing badminton. What are the regulations and rules? Let's peel them one by one. 
Badminton Rules and Regulations
Every player not only needs to be proficient and skilled at playing badminton, but also must understand the rules of the game and matches. Moreover, the rules in badminton are dynamic and will always be adjusted to developments. This means that there are changes in the rules that players must always study and obey. 

The Badminton Rules and Regulations  


1. Badminton Service Regulations

Service is the first stroke to the opponent that is taken to start a badminton game. Service is performed from one side of the court (left or right) across the net to the opponent's area. If the lock falls outside that area then the lock is declared out and points to the serve recipient. Between single and double parties have their respective service areas that are different. The service draw is carried out before the game starts, a referee draws first to determine who is entitled to serve first.
Some service rules that need to be considered include:
  • When hitting, the head height (leaf) of the racket must be below the handle of the racket.
  • The position of the shuttlecock should be below the waist.
  • Static left foot.
  • Feet only shift, but not off the ground.
  • Swinging the racket must be in a series, meaning that it cannot be broken
  • The service recipient moves as soon as the service is hit.• The position of the foot on the midline or front.
Some of the mistakes that often occur in badminton game service:
  • When hitting the ball, the head (leaf) of the racket is higher or parallel to the grip of the racket.
  • The point of impact of the shuttlecock, the head (leaf) of the racket is higher than the waist  
  • The left foot does the step.
  • The right foot steps before the shuttlecock is hit.
  • The series of swinging racket and hitting the lock is interrupted.
  • The service recipient moves before the service lock is hit.

2. Field Lines for Badminton Game and Service Areas

The field used for badminton matches between doubles and single parties has differences. In the badminton game, each field line has its own function. The side line has 2 lines (Outer and Inner) and the back line also has 2 lines (Outer and Inner).
For the badminton playing field area, the inner side line and outer back line are used for the single playing area while the outer side lines and outer back lines are used for the playing area for doubles parties.
The badminton game service area for single parties is the inner side line and the outer back line, while for the double party service area is the outer side line and the inner back line. 

3. Party / Badminton Game Forms

There are five kinds of parties in badminton that are commonly played, namely:
  • Men's singles party, this game is played one on one male players. Examples of men's singles players are Taufi k Hidayat, Lee Choong Wei, Lin Dan, and Peter Gade Christensen.
  • Women's single party, which is a game played one on one female player. Examples of women's singles players are Susi Susanti, Ratchanok Intanon, Carolina Marin, and Saina Nehwal
  • Men's doubles party, which is a game played by two against two male players. Examples of men's doubles players are Park Joo Bong / Kim Moon Soo, Hendra Setiawan / Muhammad Ahsan, Fu Haifeng / Zhang Nan, and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo / Marcus Fernaldi Gideon.
  • Women's doubles party, which is a game played by two against two female players. Examples of women's doubles players are Greysia Polii / Nitya Krishinda, Huang Yaqiong / Yu Xiaohan, Christinna Pedersen / Kamilla Rytther Juhl, and Misaki Matsumoto / Ayaka Takahashi.
  • Mixed doubles, which is a game played by male and female pairs against male and female pairs from the opposing team. Examples of mixed doubles players are Tantowi Ahmad / Lilyana Natsir, Zhang Siwei / Chen Qingchen, Chris Adcock / Gabrielle Adcock, and Praveen Jordan / Debby Susanto.

4. Scoring / Point Calculation System in badminton games
There are several types of scoring or point calculations in badminton, including the ball moving system and the point rally system. Some of the rules applied for point calculations use a ball moving system and a points rally system.
• Ball moving system in badminton games
  • Before the match starts, one player from each pair must determine as "the first person". This option applies to each set being played.
  • The number of points even or odd determines the "first person" position when serving.
  • Each pair has two chances to serve (each for each player) before moving the ball, unless the first serve at the start of each set does not get a second chance.
  • When moving the ball, the first serve is always done by the player on the right, not by the "first person".
• Points rally system in badminton games
  • Each pair only gets one serve, no second serve.
  • Services are performed by players whose positions match the points won by the pair.
  • The same player will continue serving until the next point is won by the opponent.
While the point calculation system in badminton has undergone many changes, from the classic system of moving the ball 15 points to the newest system, the 21 point rally system. As of May 2006, the official championship of all single and double parties using a 3 × 21 point rally calculation system.
The highest point in each set is 21 points unless there is an extension (Deuce) due to very tight competition between the two players so that they score the same 20. So the game must be extended until the difference is 2 points according to the stipulations.
Players can be said to win in a match if single or multiple players can win two sets of matches directly. If there is a strong equal result in two sets, then continue with the third set of play (rubber set)
Currently, the IBF is testing a new scoring system, namely:
  • • Each set in the game consists of 11 points.
  • • Each match consists of 5 sets / 3 wins.
Still need to wait, whether the new scoring system will be officially enforced or not.  
Thus the Badminton Rules and Regulations are in accordance with the rules of the game. Please learn and practice it in the race.

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