The list of Badminton Game Infrastructure

To be able to play badminton, sufficient and adequate facilities and infrastructure are needed. The following is a list of the infrastructure that must be in badminton.

Badminton Court

badminton court infrastructure Facilities

Badminton court in accordance with International Badminton Federation regulations (IBF) as follows.
  • Field length: 13.40 meters used for single (single) and double (double) parties.
  • Field width: 6.10 meters are used for doubles and 5.18 meters are used for single parties.
Field lines are clear and easy to see, such as white or yellow.Net or Nets
Net or net made of fine rope dark green. The net size is as follows.
  • Net length: 610 cm.
  • Net width: 76 cm.
  • The white ribbon on the top side of the net measures 3.8 cm.

Pole Net

The net pole is made of a material that is strong enough, for example iron. The net poles are round in shape with a middle finger measuring 3.8 cm. The net posts are installed outside the side lines.

Net Height

The net is installed in the middle of the field with a height of 1.524 meters. Attached tight and straight.


Shuttlecock consists of a head and head hair. The material for making shuttlecock, which is a cork shaped like a half circle covered with leather.
On the cork, 14 to 16 feathers are attached. The diameter of the cork, which is 25–28 mm, the diameter at the top is 54–56 mm. The feathers are tied with thread. The height of the bristles from the surface of the cork to the top surface is 64–74 mm. The standard lock weighs between 4.73-5.50 grams.

Racket (Bat)

The tool for hitting the Shuttlecock in badminton is called a racket. The racket weighs less than 150 grams. The materials used to make a racket are:
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • wood and aluminum
  • fiberglass, and
  • Charcoal (carbonex)

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