Microsoft Word Password Protect Without Software

How to Create Microsoft Word Password Protect? Providing protection for Microsoft Word documents is very important, when the contents of the document are very confidential. You can do this by giving a password to the word document that you created.
By creating or giving a password to a word document, only you and those who know the password will be able to open and know the contents of the word document.

How do I create or giving a password on an MS Word document?

In the following Microsoft Word tutorial, we will give you a trick on how to create or give a password to a word document (Microsoft Word Password Protect). Okay, let's just get to the main of the tutorial.
It is no secret that Microsoft office provides facilities and services for its users, including where the data is in a word document, that is, we can provide a password in a Word document.
However, not many people know this method and most of them prefer to use third party software to lock certain folders. This will have consequences for the user to buy and install third party software for this purpose.
Thus, after you read our tutorial, maybe you will be able to refer to an easy and free way and without software to create Microsoft Word Password Protect without buying or installing any software.
Below is a step-by-step method for giving a password to a Microsoft word document easily and directly using Microsoft Office Word itself.
Here are the step by step:
  • Open the Microsoft Word application
  • Open the document that you will provide password protection
  • Click File> Save As
save as microsoft word
  • Select the storage area and write the file name. Before you save the document by clicking Save, first click the dropdown Tools menu and select General Options .. (The dropdown tools menu is located to the left of the Save button)
dropdown tools menu save as
  • The General Options window appears ... enter the password and verify the password, then click the OK button
Microsoft Word Password Protect
  • The next step is to click the Save button
After you have gone through all the steps above, please close your word document and try to open the document again. Then the document already uses a password to open it.
It's easy isn't it, the way to provide security passwords on word documents is with the tutorial how to Microsoft Word Password Protect Without Software. May be useful.!!!

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