Many Ways to Shutdown Windows 10 Fast

In the following, we will share a tutorial on how to Shutdown Windows 10 from various techniques. Please note, that how to shutdown the computer can be done in various ways. Well, here is a tutorial on how to shutdown on a computer with the Windows 10 operating system.

Tutorial on how to shutdown a computer in Windows 10

You can choose a variety of ways among the ways to Shutdown Windows 10. Here are the ways.

How to shutdown Windows 10 via the start menu

The first shutdown method is through the Start Menu, here are the steps
  • Using the Mouse, click the Start Menu on the screen (lower left corner). Or Press the Windows logo key on the Keyboard
  • Select or click Power
  • Select or click Shutdown.
shutdown from start menu

Shutdown Windows 10 via the Quick Access Menu

For this second shutdown method, then follow the shutdown step by step as in the tutorial below
  • Right-click on the Start Menu (Windows logo) on the screen (lower left corner).
  • Select Shutdown or sign out.
  • Select Shutdown
shutdown start menu windows

The third way to shutdown with a keyboard shortcut in Windows

The keyboard shortcut used to shutdown Windows 10 is the Alt + F4 key. The trick is to press the two buttons simultaneously.
The Alt + F4 combination keyboard shortcut key functions to end or shut down an application program that is currently in use or running, for example, at this point in time we are working and opening the MS application. Word, and then pressing the Alt + F4 combination key at the same time, the MS word application will close or exit / exit.
For how to shutdown a computer with a shortcut key, the tutorial is as follows: To shut down Windows (Shutdown on Windows 10 with a combination of the Alt + F4 keys, other programs that are currently active must be minimized or closed too much
shutdown alt+f4

The fourth way is Using the Power button

The power button that we mean here is the physical power button that is outside or on the front panel of your computer or laptop.
shutdown power button
This fourth method is the easiest and fastest way to turn off the computer, because it only takes one step.
The methods are as follows:
Press for a moment on the power button (not long press, because if you press it for a long time it functions to force the hardware to stop).
To shutdown Windows 10 in this fourth way, we must first set it on the power option of the computer / laptop, because it usually comes from the laptop by pressing this power button, then the computer or laptop is in a sleep state or state.
For the settings so that when the power button is pressed, the computer or laptop will experience a Shutdown as follows:
  • Click the search icon in the lower left corner of the screen or press the Windows logo key on the keyboard then type in the search field “power plan”.
choose a power plan
  • Select Choose a power plan.
  • The Power Options window appears, select Choose what the power button do.
Choose what the power button do
  • On the option When I press the power button, dropdown and select Shutdown. (if you use a laptop there are 2 that must be charged, when using the battery and when using electricity).
When I press the power button
  • Then save the settings by clicking Save change.
The above settings automatically When the power button on the case is pressed (for a moment), the computer will immediately shutdown, if there are documents that have not been saved, the Windows system will notify you.

The fifth way is how to shutdown Windows 10 via the Run command.

This one method is an alternative way if you are lazy to use a mouse, the mouse does not work, there is no mouse, the touch pad on a laptop is damaged and similar conditions.
This method is arguably quite time efficient because it's faster just by using the keyboard to open the RUN application to command shutdown computer or laptop.
Tutorial on how to shutdown a computer or laptop via RUN Command
  • Press the Start + R buttons on the keyboard simultaneously
  • The RUN window appears, type in the box RUN shutdown / s / t 0, then click OK or press Enter on the keyboard. Command /t 0 is intended to instruct the computer to shutdown immediately without any delay.
  • After you press the Enter key, the computer will immediately shutdown, but beforehand it will give a warning sign if any of your work documents have not been saved.
shutdown via run command

The sixth way to Shutdown is by Creating a Shortcut on the desktop.

How to shutdown using a shortcut is also quite easy and fast because it is only one click on the shortcut that was previously created and placed on the Desktop or Quick Launch. 
The tutorial on how to create a Windows 10 Shutdown Shortcut on the Desktop is as follows:
  • Enter the desktop, right click on an empty area then select New> select Shortcut. 
create new shortcut windows
  • Type in the Type the location of the item box “shutdown / s / t 0” without spaces, then click Next. Give the label a name (for example Shutdown) then click Finish.
create shutdown shortcut key
  • See the results on your desktop screen, then the shutdown shortcut will appear. You can change the icon to match the shutdown symbol.
shutdown shortcut windows
How to change the shortcut icon is as follows:
  • Right-click on the shortcut then select Properties, the shutdown properties shortcut screen will appear. 
shutdown windows 10
  • Then click on Change Icon.
change icon shortcut windows
  • Choose the icon according to your wishes and then click OK.
choose icon shortcut
  • Then the Shortcut Shutdown icon has changed.
shutdown shortcut key windows

There are various ways, namely six (6) ways to shutdown Windows 10. The above tutorial also applies to the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems and maybe even all versions of Windows.

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