How to Find My Computer Specs 100% Accurate?

How to Find My Computer Specs 100% easy, fast and accurate? Knowing the computer specs is an absolute thing for you to know if you want to buy a computer or laptop, whether new or used.
There are many ways that can be taken to find out the computer specs, for example through a brochure provided, through the Google search engine by typing the serial number or model of the computer or laptop.
However, actually the two methods mentioned above are not completely accurate, 100% percent accurate. The sure way to be 100% accurate is to check directly on the laptop or computer device that you bought in the following ways.

How to Find My Computer Specs 100% Accurate?

Below is a tutorial on how to find out, check computer specs very easily and quickly for both beginners and experts and of course 100% accurate.
The tutorial on how to check computer specs below is global and applies to all computer devices, both new and used, specifically for the Windows operating system.
The first way to find out computer specs
The first way is through My Computer, below is the complete tutorial
  • Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer (if the My Computer Icon is already on the desktop, then you don't need to open File Explorer)
  • Open File Explorer, see the left hand window, right click on This PC (On Windows 10), or My Computer on Windows 7
  • Select Properties
For steps 1 to 3, it should be as shown in the image below
my computer properties
My Computer Properties
  • After step 3, a window will appear containing important information about the computer specs that you are checking. Information regarding the computer specs should be as shown in the image below.
how to find my computer specs
computer specs
Information about Computer Specs displayed in the first way above contains the operating system used, processor type and series, installed memory (RAM), computer name and also the computing system.

The second way is How to Find My Computer Specs.

The second way to check computer specs is to use the Dxdiag command which you can run through the RUN window. Read carefully the tutorial below
  • Open RUN, to open RUN you can do it easily with the help of the Shortcut Key window. Namely by pressing the Start + R button on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • RUN window appears, type "dxdiag" in the RUN window box. Click OK or press the Enter key on the keyboard. This second step, should be like the image below
dxdiag run windows
  • Wait a few moments until an information window appears about the Computer Specs you are currently open.
computer specs dxdiag windows
Computer specs from dxdiag

In the Computer Specs information display using dxdiag, what you can observe is all computer specs, from the hardware inside, the display, the sound to the input devices used on a computer or laptop.
How about my fellow readers, it's easy, isn't it, it's fast? That's the tutorial How to Find My Computer Specs. Hopefully it can help you in making important decisions to choose and buy a computer or laptop.

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