Checking Hardware Info Easily and Quickly

For those of you who are beginners or technicians who want to try installing computer drivers, I suggest you don't do it. Because this can have an impact on computer performance and even get a blue screen error.
If there is a blue screen error, then your computer or laptop will often hank, a blue screen that forces you to shut down your computer by force so that over time it will have an impact on damage to your hard disk.
Starting from my experience, I recently bought a laptop from a computer shop. This laptop has installed the operating system, drivers and several standard applications. After a few hours of using it, I often get blue screen errors.
With this experience, I would like to share with readers how to check hardware info, so that we can know for sure about the detailed hardware information that is on a computer or laptop motherboard.
In addition, the following tricks can also install the driver properly and correctly so that there are no errors, especially blue screens due to hardware conflicts.

How to Check Hardware Info

The following tricks are very easy for both beginners and advanced technicians. This is because we will detect the hardware model and type and install the driver using an application or software installed on the Windows operating system.
On this occasion we will demonstrate a trick on how to detect or checking hardware using Driver Easy on the Windows operating system.

Why use Driver Easy?

There are many applications or software that you can use for hardware checking on a personal computer or on a laptop, but on this occasion we used Driver Easy
Driver Easy can not only be used to detect, recognize the type and model of hardware that is on the motherboard, you can also use it to:
  • Checking hardware info (overview, CPU, Motherboard, memory, graphics)
  • Driver Backup
  • Driver Restore
  • Driver Uninstall
  • Offline Scan
  • Update Driver
To check the type and model of hardware and what is used on a computer or laptop and do the 6 things above, you can do it easily, namely by installing Driver Easy.
To be able to scan to install and update drivers, you must be connected to the internet. Thus you will install, update drivers easily and quickly without experiencing hardware conflicts or blue screens.
The following is a complete menu view of Driver Easy.
checking hardware motherboard computer

driver easy overview hardware

Until here, guys, the trick material on how to find, detect, check the types and models of hardware used on computers, both desktops and laptops. You will often take advantage of the features of this software, especially to install and update drivers easily and quickly.

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