Resize Partition Without Losing System or Data

Resize a partition is an attempt to resize an existing hard disk partition. An example, suppose you have a hard disk with a large capacity and it is only divided into one partition. So that this condition will make it difficult for you to save files on a hard disk.
If this is the case, then you should divide the partition on your hard disk into several partitions. One partition is for the operating system you use and the other partition you can use specifically to store your document files.
So that when your operating system is damaged and doesn't work, your data will be safe because it is stored in a different partition.

How to resize partition a Hard disk without losing System or Data

On this occasion, we will share one trick on how to Resize Hard disk Partition Without Losing System or Data. How to? Check out our complete trick below.


At this stage there are several things that you need to prepare, including the following:
Download and install EaseUS Partition Master. Is a software that you can use to help you specifically for hard disk partitions. In addition to hard disk partitions, you can also use this software to partition other storage media such as USB Flash Drives and other similar storage media.

The next step is resize the hard disk partition

  • Turn on your computer
  • Install and EaseUS Partition Master on your Operating System
  • Select and right click the partition that you want to resize
  • Select Resize / Move Partition
resize partition hard disk
  • On partition Size, write the number of hard disk partition size that you want.
  • Move the cursor to the unallocated space after (this column will be filled automatically after you fill the partition size column.)
  • Click OK
resize partition
  • Apply
easeus partition master resize disk
  • When finished, click executed operation
  • The computer will ask for a restart. Please restart your computer to complete the Resize Partition process.
The process of resizing the partition will run after restarting the computer using the DOS command. When finished, the computer will automatically restart up to 2 times. Done.
That is the trick of resizing the hard disk partition by using EaseUS Partition Master without losing the computer operating system and also all the data on the computer. It's easy, fast and certainly doesn't require a lot of effort right.

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