Resize Multiple Images in Onetime Simultaneously

You can do resizing multiple images simultaneously simultaneously easily and quickly and don't have to be difficult. How to?
Below, we have a little trick on how to Resize Multiple Images in One Time Simultaneously using ACDSee Photo Manager.

Trick Resize Multiple images simultaneously

Immediately, let's see the complete trick below.

Some of the things you need before starting work are as follows:
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • ACDSee Photo Manager application program
  • Image files stored in a folder. Why in one folder, this is only to make it easier to select the images to be resized.
When you have all the preparations, let's move on step by step Resizing Multiple Images in Onetime Simultaneously.
The sequence of steps is as follows:
  • Turn on your computer.
  • Install and run the ACDSee Photo Manager Full Version Program
  • Open Folder that contains Photos that will be resized.
  • Select All / CTRL + A
  • Click Batch Resize Images
  • Specify the desired size
Resize Multiple Images in Onetime Simultaneously
  • Start Resize
resize images

done images resize

  • Done
See the results of resizing multiple images in the storage folder. Files that have been resized will have an additional last name with the initials resize.
Easy, fast. That's a quick, easy and of course very easy way to resize multiple images in Onetime Simultaneously

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