How to Show File Extensions for Known File Types

How to show file Extensions on Windows? Dear readers, we are often curious about the extensions of a file. Sometimes we also want to change a file extension for a certain need, for example changing a certain file with another file, editing a certain file and for similar needs.

How to Show File Extensions for Known File Types?

This time we will discuss a simple trick on the Windows operating system on how to find and display File Extensions directly in File Explorer in Windows, better known as Windows Explorer.
It turns out that there is a very easy and simple way to display file extensions. In this way, when you view a file in File Explorer, all file extensions will be displayed directly in Windows Explorer.
Immediately friends, without lingering on theory, below is a sequence of steps to find out and display file Extensions via settings in Windows Explorer.

Step by Step knows and displays and show File Extensions.

  • Open Windows Explorer. How to open Windows Explorer can be in various ways, including the fastest is the Windows Keyboard shortcut, namely by pressing the Start button + E simultaneously
  • After the Windows Explorer window opens, click on the View menu (this is what Windows Explorer will look like on Windows Server 2012 R2). Maybe, the display will be very different on other versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Then click Options> Change folder and search options

change view file folder option windows server

  • The Folder Options setting window appears
  • Select and click the View tab, then uncheck Show File Extensions for Known File Types
  • Click OK

show extensions for known file types

  • Done. You can see in the image below, it appears that all files appear with each extension that is at the very back after the file name.

show file extensions

Show file extensions for each file, in terms of appearance, the file name is somewhat longer. However, for some of the needs that I have stated above, this becomes very important and useful.

 Video tutorial : Show File Extensions for Known File Types

Thus, my friends, a little trick in Windows explorer about knowing and show the Extensions file that I can demonstrate here. May be useful.

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