Combine, Convert Multiple Word Into PDF Simultaneously

Combine, merge and convert Document files (DOC, DOCX and other word files in one work, is it possible? Well, my friends, at this time we will share tricks on how to convert and combine Word Document files into one file at one time.

The beginning of the story

Starting from a story where I have many Microsoft Word files that I want to combine into one file and convert the Word Document file into a PDF file.
Incidentally, I have the Acrobat PDF Professional application that I have tried to use to convert and also combine or merge various file types, including documents, images, excel into PDF files. However, I have never tried to combine merge and convert Word documents into PDF files in one go.

Purpose Merge or Combine and Convert

It's simple that the goal this time is to make our work easier in combining, merging and simultaneously converting several Word document files in one process.

How to Combine, Merge, Convert Word Documents into PDF Files

As a preparation material for combining or merging and simultaneously converting documents from word to PDF, then some of the things you need to prepare are as follows:
1. Computer Laptop or Desktop
3. Several document files that you want to combine and convert to PDF file at the same time
The step by step to Merge Combine and convert a Word document to PDF using one process are as follows:
  • Turn on your computer
  • install and run the Adobe Acrobat XL Professional program
  • Click the Create Menu> Combine File into a Single PDF ..
combine merge convert word to pdf
  • Add Files> Add Files or you can choose other options as needed
add word to pdf files
adding word doc file to pdf professional
NB: Before adding files, make sure in the file type box you select All supported Formats
  • Select all the files that you will combine, merge or convert into a PDF file at once.
  • Click Open
  • Set the document order by drag and drop. You can also delete specific documents in this section.
  • Click Combine Files
convert doc to pdf files
Wait until the converting and combining or merge process of your documents is complete and who is used The length of time to convert documents and combine or merge documents into PDF Files will depend on the number and size of the documents you choose.
See our Video on Youtube 

After completing the process of combine or merge and also converting the Word document to PDF of the document is complete, the converting and merge results will appear automatically. Please save the new PDF files that you created using Adobe Acrobat XL Professional.

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