Add Exceptions to Exclude Files, Folder from Being Scanned Antivirus

Often I come across folders, files, extensions which are clearly not viruses, malware and or the like but are recognized by antivirus programs as viruses. So that the files or folders will be automatically cleaned and erased by threat protection proactive activities.
The incident above is annoying isn't it. This results in important files, folders, extensions which are not viruses or computer malware but deleted by the antivirus program.

How do you solve this problem?

The method is very easy, friends, namely with Add Exceptions to Exclude Files, Folder and Process from Being Scanned on the Antivirus settings you are using. In the following, we will give an example of how to create Add Exceptions on Symantec Endpoint Protection
Just a small and light information, Symantec Endpoint Protection is an antivirus product from Norton Antivirus that can specifically be used for Windows Server operating systems. Norton antivirus is very selective in recognizing the presence of antivirus and malware. Therefore, we highly recommend Symantec Norton Antivirus to be your front line against antivirus and anti-malware.

How to Add Exceptions from Being Scanned Antivirus

Returning to the real root of the problem, in the explanation below we will demonstrate how to add Exception to Files, a folder in the antivirus program so that our files and folders that are not viruses can be safe and not deleted by antivirus.
1. Open your antivirus program. Below is a view of Symantec Endpoint Protection
2. Enter the Settings menu, in this screen Change Settings
3. Enter the Exceptions> Configure Settings menu
symantec endpoint protection
4. Click Add. various options will appear Add Exception
Add Exceptions to Exclude Files, Folder from Being Scanned Antivirus
 add exception folder
 add exception files
add exception extensions
add exceptions process
  • Security Risk Exception, which includes known risks, files, folders, extensions, web domains
  • Sonar Exception: Folder
  • DNS or Host File Change Exception: Application
  • Application Exception
5. Please set the Add Exception according to your needs and wishes.
6. When finished setting, click close
By creating an add Exception to Exclude Files, Folder and Process from Being Scanned Antivirus, the files, folders, applications, Extensions, web domains that you have entered in the exception will be safe from Proactive Threat Protection antivirus installed on your computer. Have fun, friends

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