Record Computer Screen 100% Very Easy

Record Computer Screen is a way to capture a screen display on a computer and make this screenshot a video. How do I capture screen activity and save it as a video?

Below we will provide a tutorial How to Recording Computer Screen very easily and quickly using Movavi Video Suite. Is a software that gives us so many features for editing videos, recording computer screen displays, and many other video editor features.

The Purpose of Record Computer Screen 

As the title implies, the purpose of the above effort is to record every activity displayed on a computer screen and then save it in a video as needed.

What are the benefits?

You can use the video results of the recording a computer screen for various purposes, including:
  • Used as an online learning media
  • Video recordings of screen recordings can be used as tutorials for the world of education, learning presentations and others.
  • Uploading recordings on social media such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, pinterest and other social media.
  • Authentic evidence of an event or problem with the computer.
  • And various other benefits.

Tutotial How to Record Computer Screen 

Ok, continue on to the main chapter of this tutorial, as we said earlier that we are using Movavi Video Suite to record Screen Computer. Immediately, here are the steps accompanied by illustrated images
1. Download and install Movavi Video Editor Suite
2. Run Movavi Video Suite Program
3. Select Menu Record Computer Screen
movavi video suite editor software
5. There are several settings that you need to set, the main one is in the settings:
- Select Capture Area
- System Sound used
record computer screen
After your settings are done then click the REC button to immediately start recording on the Computer Screen
The Recording Screen window will immediately appear, preceded by a popup window in the form of a message containing the keys on the keyboard shortcut used to pause, screenshot and Finish Recording. This message popup will disappear within 5 seconds.
recording computer screen
After that the Recording window will appear to record all your computer screen activities.
recording screen prcoess
After you feel that your recording is enough, you can do the pause or finish recording command which you can do in two ways. That is:
  • Keyboard Shortcut: for the screenshot command press the f8 key, to pause press the f9 key and to finish recording video press the f10 key
  • Through the Recording window, all you have to do is press the Screenshot, Pause or finish button located at the top.
After you finish the screen recording process, the next step is to save the computer screen recording according to your needs and desires. 
Yo can save video files directly in youtube streaming media format or also others devices media as you like.
 finish recording computer screen
Besides you can directly save files, we recommend that you edit the settings or edit the video directly using Movavi Video Suite.
That's the tutorial on how to record computer screen, which in our opinion is very easy and fast. May be useful.

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