How to Show My Computer Icon on Desktop Windows Server

By default the My Computer icon is not displayed on the Desktop. Even so, you can show the My computer icon yourself easily by making settings. How do you do it? Check out the full trick below.
We all know that the My Computer icon is the fastest shortcut to access all parts of the computer. Thus this icon is very important to display on the desktop for computer users.
Tutorial How to display My Computer Icon on the Desktop
On this occasion, for the demonstration below we are using Windows Server2012 R2. Alright, just take a look at the complete tutorial below:
The first step
Open the desktop, you can do this with a keyboard shortcut by pressing the Start + D key combination on the keyboard simultaneously
Second step
Desktop screen appears, right click on an empty area on the desktop> select Personalize
personalize computer

The personalization window appears, look at the window menu on the left then select Change desktop icons
change desktop icons
On Desktop icons, put a check mark on Computer
show my computer icon desktop
Finally click OK
That's a tutorial on how to easily and quickly display the My Computer Icon. There are actually several ways to quickly access My Computer besides using the My Computer icon on the desktop. This method is by using a keyboard shortcut combination, namely the Start button + E. Hopefully this is useful.

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