How to Create and Change a Password in Windows

Windows user account password will be generated during the process of installing the Windows Operating System. However, when installing the windows account password is left blank, we can easily create a user account password using the tutorial below. We can also create new user accounts on Windows easily and quickly.
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Before proceeding to the tutorial on how to create and change a user account password on the Windows operating system, here are some reasons why computers need to create a user and change account passwords?

Important reasons for creating user accounts and passwords on the computer

If you have one computer that is used for one family, of course you will create a single user account for each user to make it easier for them to use the computer. Why not just use one account for all family members?

Users of computer operating systems, both Windows and other operating systems such as Linux, can easily create computer user accounts and accounts. If you think that every computer user who uses one computer doesn't need to have an account, then this is a big mistake. Here's the explanation.


Why Not Just Use One Computer Account?

The reason is simple, basic and important is, when we only use one account on one computer for all users, then you will share software settings, files and system permissions to all users of that computer.

Tutorial on how to create a new Windows user account

Immediately, in the first tutorial material, which is to create a user account on Windows. It is very easy to create a new user account, namely as follows:
  • Open the Control Panel
control panel windows server2012
  • User account
user accounts windows
  • User account> Change account type
  • Add user accounts
add a user accounts windows
  • A new user account form appears. Fill in and follow these steps to complete
add a user account

How to Change Password in Windows

You can easily change the password for a Windows account user. The steps for changing a Windows account password are as follows:
  • Follow steps 1 through 3
  • Select an account
change password windows
  • Change password
change the password windows
  • Fill according to your wishes
windows password change
  • Change password
  • Done

Video Tutorial

This is the tutorial on how to create a new Windows account user and change the account user password on the Windows operating system. May be useful.

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