How to Settings up usb Tethering on Android

Usb tethering comes from two words, namely usb and tethering. Usb we know is a media connector in the form of a data cable and we often use it to connect one device to another device such as Android with a computer or Android with other storage media or to charge it.
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While the definition of tethering in the world of android or smartphone is the use of a mobile phone device, in this case an android device that has internet access to be used as an internet gateway or bridge or internet access point for other connected devices, namely a computer or laptop.

Types of Tethering on Smartphones

Tethering on Android itself can be done in several ways, namely as follows:
  • Bluethoot tethering. Is there internet network tethering on android, smartphone or cellphone using Bluetooth media
  • USB Tetehering. Tethering using a USB Data cable
  • Wifi Tethering. Tethering internet connection on Android smartphone without using cables

However, on this occasion, will try to explain how to make your Android a gateway to the internet access point for a laptop or computer device, namely via USB Tethering.


Benefits of USB Tethering


As in the explanation at the beginning, that Tethering aims to bridge other media such as computers or other Android devices to be able to connect to the internet. So, when we use USB media connected to an android and a computer or laptop, the computer or laptop can connect to the internet using the internet network on the android device.


Pre Requirements


What devices are required for USB Tethering

  • Android device with internet network connection
  • USB Cable. This device is what we will later use as a link between a computer or laptop with an Android device
  • Laptop / Computer

Step by step how to step Settings up USB Tethering?

  • Make sure that your Android device is connected to the internet. See the image below

  • Plug the USB Cable into the Android device and connect it with a Computer or laptop
  • Tethering Settings on android devices. Go to Settings> More> Usb Tethering

See the image below for more details

When finished, your computer or laptop will be connected to the internet network using USB Tethering.


In the above demonstration, we are using the Redmi 5A Android Smartphone. However, you can basically implement the USB Tethering Settings above on other smartphone types and models.


For videos on how to set USB Tethering on an android smartphone device to share an internet connection with a laptop or computer using a USB cable, see our YouTube channel on the YouTube page at this link.

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