How To Convert Pdf to Jpg in One Click

How To Convert Pdf to Jpg with just one click. In the following trick, Misnia will share how to convert PDF to JPG instantly, easily and quickly. Check out more about our demonstration below.
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Video Convert PDF to JPG on Youtube

Various ways to convert PDF to JPG


There are several ways you can try to convert a PDF file to JPG. These methods include the following:


Convert PDF to JPG using Online PDF Converter


The first way is to use a PDF to JPG online converter. There are many web-based applications that provide online PDF converter services that can convert files from PDF files to JPG or to other types online. are as follows:


Convert PDF to JPG using Offline PDF Converter ( Desktop Base )


Well, in this second way, is a way that in our opinion is an easy, fast and instant way to convert PDF to JPG. This method is what we will demonstrate below.


Preparation Stage Convert PDF to JPG


In the demonstration below, we are using the Adobe Acrobat Professional application developed by Adobe. Some of the preparations include the following:

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional (we use Adobe Acrobat XL pro)
  • PDF Files


Step By Step how to Convert PDF to JPG Instantly

  • Install Adobe Acrobat XL Professional
  • Go to PDF File, File> Open (or you can directly open a pdf files via Windows Explorer
  • After the PDF file opens, go to the fourth step
  • File> Save As Other…> Image> JPEG. You can choose other file types according to your needs, namely (JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PNG)
convert pdf to jpg jpeg

  • Write a file name, select where to save the JPEG file
  • Click Save
save as jpg
  • Done


See Demonstration Convert PDF to JPG/JPEG on Youtube

Convert pdf to jpg using Adobe Acrobat Professional will produce images that are exactly the same as the original document. Thus you don't have to bother with converting pdf to jpg image.

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