3 Ways to Change the Date and Time on the Computer

Display and change the date and time on the computer is very important and useful for computer users. Therefore, the error date and time on the computer need to be set according to the area of the region where the computer user lives. 
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By default the settings on the computer's date and time have been set and stored in CMOS with the help of a CMOS battery. We can change the time and date settings in several ways. 
In this trick, misnia.com will share ways to change the date and time on your computer according to the region zone. 

Why do we need to change the date and time setting, what are the benefits? 

As in the prologue above, that date and time are very important in the world of work and also in everyday life. Some of the benefits and reasons why it is necessary to change the date and time on a computer are as follows: 
As a reminder of time.
There are times that are used for work, there are certain times for worship, for example for Muslims (during midday, asr prayer, sunset, evening and dawn and other times of worship. There is also time for work breaks, study time, alarm purposes and so on.

For Secure Browse to the internet.


Setting a date and time on a computer that is not on the date and time of the day, will make it difficult for computer users to perform internet browsing activities. When the date and time settings on the computer use the already outdated date and time, when the user is browsing the internet, a security question will appear… so, you need to set the date and time on the computer according to the time zone.


How to set the date and time on the computer


There are several ways that you can use to set the date and time on a computer, either a laptop or desktop. These ways include the following:


Set Date/Time From Bios Setting


Setting the date and time using the bios setting is quite easy. The method is as follows:


Enter the bios settings, to enter the bios settings it can vary on each type of computer or laptop. The commonly used steps are as follows. 

  • Turn on your computer or laptop 
  • Before the computer logs into the operating system, press the Del key (the bios settings button on the computer varies, depending on the type and model of the computer. Some use the Esc, Del, F1, F2, F10, and others). 
  • After entering Bios Settings, set the date and time according to your needs. See the image below for more details 
bios settings

Set Date and Time From Try Icon


How to change the date and time in this way is done after the computer is logged into the operating system. Step by step how to change date and time on computer via the try icon is as follows:

  • Login on windows
  • Right click on the try icon date and time 
  • Adjust date / time
set date time computer try icon
  • Change time zone ...
change time zone computer
  • Set the time zone
set time zone computer
  • Change date and time ...
change date and time computer
  • Set the date and time 
set the date and time

Set Date/Time from Control Panel


You can do this one date and time setting through the control panel, the method is as follows:

  • Open the control panel
open control panel windows 10
  • Clock, Language, and Regions
clock language regions
  • Set the time and date
set the date and time windows
  • Change time zone ...
  • Change date and time ...


Change time zone on computer


Time zone. Our earth or this world is divided into 24 different time zones, depending on the location of each area. Universal time which is the reference is GMT time, the time in Greenwich, England. Time zones are usually linked to GMT


Change date and time


In this section is the part to change the time, date, month and year on the computer.


That's tutorial 3 how to change or change the date and time settings on the computer. In the demonstration above set date/time from try icon and control panel, we are using the Windows operating system produced by Microsoft.  

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