How to Update Driver Laptop PC Easy and Quickly

Update driver laptop or PC has a positive impact on your computer. The meaning of updating computer drivers is that the computer or laptop has already installed the driver, but the driver is an old version of the driver and a new version of the driver is available. So that in this condition, the computer needs to update the driver.


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The Important of Update Computer Driver

How to update computer and Laptop Driver Instantly?

Preparation and Step By step update Computer Driver 

Key Features of Driver Easy Pro

Video Tutorial


What are the important benefits of Update driver ?

The computer drivers that we mean here include hardware drivers and software drivers. There are several important reasons why your computer needs a driver update. 

Make Computer performance stable and optimal


One of the most important reasons is that the computer, both desktop and laptop, still has optimal and stable performance.


Overcoming and repairing computers due to conflicts between hardware


From Brian Vizina of Gecko Technologies Consulting Ltd. said that the driver update is able to repair and resolve computer systems from conflict problems between drivers. He also said that 50% of the computer can not work optimally because the computer driver is "corrupt" or damaged, which is usually caused by viruses or computer malware.


Enhancing Performance in Gaming Experience


If you are using a computer, either a desktop or laptop that uses a Ge Force Experience graphics card, then you should update your computer drivers via the Ge Force Experience link


By updating the graphics card hardware driver, this will greatly enhance the capabilities of your gaming experience.


How to Update Driver Laptop or PC Easy and Quickly


There are several options for how to update computer drivers, some of these options include:


Update the driver manually


In my opinion, this first method is rather difficult, why is that? There are several reasons for this, including:

  • To update hardware, you must know the type, type and series of the motherboard as well as the type of hardware one by one that is used appropriately.
  • After the first successful step, then you have to search for these drivers on the internet and then download each of them.

Update the driver using the Driver Utility Software


Well, this is the second method that we will discuss in detail along with a demonstration of how to easily and quickly update drivers using the Driver Utility Software.


Why do we the conveniences that we will get include the following:

  1. Easy and fast updating of drivers
  2. Just click and click to find and update hardware drivers
  3. No need to bother searching and googling the internet to find the right driver

Preparation step for updating the driver with the driver utility software


Download and install the driver utility software.


There are many driver utility software that you can choose from. The following is a collection of software updater tool drivers that you can install on your computer.

  1. Bit Driver Updater (Best Driver Updater And Backup Tool)
  2. Quick Driver Updater (Best Driver Update Software - Single Click Driver Updates)
  3. ITL Driver Updater Free (Best Free Driver Updater Software)
  4. Driver Magic (Best Driver Update Tool With Pc Optimization)
  5. AVG Driver Updater (Driver Updater Tool With Auto-Scan)
  6. DRIVERfighter (Update Drivers Easily
  7. Driver Talent (Easy To Use Driver Updater Tool)
  8. Auslogics Driver Updater (Fast Driver Update Software)
  9. Ashampoo Driver Updater (Best Driver Updater For Gamers)
  10. Driver Genius (Driver Updater and PC Optimization Software)
  11. Driver Booster
  12. DriverPack Solution
  13. Snappy Driver Installer
  14. DriversCloud
  15. DriverIdentifier
  16. Free Driver Scout
  17. Driver Easy
  18. Device Doctor
  19. DriverHub
  20. DriverMax


Download and install the Driver Tool Updater Software. In this demonstration we are using Driver Easy Pro


Run Driver Easy Pro Program 

driver easy pro driver updater tools

There are several menus, to update the driver select the Update menu

update driver using driver easy pro

Click the Update All button or select one and click the update button

update driver laptop pc easy


Wait for the program to download the driver and installing update the driver automatically

Note: this software driver update program will only be able to find and update drivers when connected to the internet.


Key features of Driver Easy Pro

  1. Recognizes and detects software drivers from computer hardware automatically
  2. Identify the type and type of computer hardware. Including machines, motherboards, processors, hard disks, video cards, network cards with sufficient detail and complete.
  3. Driver backup
  4. Driver restore
  5. Driver uninstall
  6. Offline scan for drivers


Video Tutorial 

That's a glimpse of the importance of updating drivers and also how to update driver laptop or pc (desktop) automatically, easily and quickly by using the driver easy (driver backup tool, restore and updater software.

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