How to Show Ruler in Word and Change the Units

One of the many key features that exist in Microsoft Word is Ruler. By default this ruler is inactive. How to show ruler in word? What is the real function of this ruler feature in Microsoft Office Word? Let's study it together by reading the article below.

Table of Contents
  • About the Ruler feature in Office Word
  • How to Show ruler in Word?
  • How to turn off Ruler
  • Video Tutorial Show ruler in word

    About the Ruler feature in Office Word


    Ruler features on Ms. Word is very helpful and plays an important role for users in setting paragraph spacing, tab spacing or the table spacing is column spacing. This feature is very important and useful when the user wants to create documents that are official, such as making official letters, making scientific papers or final assignments and other similar documents.


    How to Show ruler in Word?


    For those users who are not proficient in operating Microsoft Word, they usually need help with the scrollers on the top and left edges of a Microsoft Word worksheet to create and especially edit a Word document. So this Ruler feature really needs to be displayed to help users in editing Word documents.


    You can do it very easily to show the Ruler in Word, here are the steps for how to display the Ruler in Office Word:

    • Open your Word application
    • Enter the Ribbon menu View
    • Give Check on the Ruler
    • See the results.
    how to show ruler in word


    With 3 quick steps above, the ruler located on the top and left edges will appear automatically (active). In the demonstration above, we are using Microsoft Office Word 2013, but the other versions of the Word application are not much different.


    How to turn off Ruler


    To deactivate Rules (hide rules), the steps are the same as the step by set above, but what is different is that you only need to remove the check mark on the Rules option.


    How to change the ruler unit (inch into cm or vice versa)


    By default the ruler is inches. How do I change the unit of measure from inches to cm or another unit of measure?


    To change the unit of measure from inches to cm or in other units of measure, then follow these instructions:

    • Open Ms. Word
    • Open a document (optional or may be in a blank document)
    • Click the File menu
    • Select Options
    word option
    • The Word Option window appears
    • Select and click the advanced menu
    • Scroll down and find the Show measurements in units of option
    • In the selection box on the right> change and select the desired unit of measure
    advanced word option

    Note: for example in the example above we chose Centimeters (cm), so now your Word worksheet will display the ruler with the unit of measure Centimeters (cm) so that it will help you to adjust the distance between objects, either text or images on the Word worksheet.

    Video tutorial on Youtube


    That's a little of our writing that explains how to show the ruler in word and change the unit of measure. If you have questions, tips and tricks of the same kind, please write them in the comments column below. May be useful.

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