How To Show Gridlines In Excel

The discussion this time is still about Microsoft Excel, namely in the How To Show Gridlines In Excel? The grid is a guide line. When the Microsoft Excel 2016 worksheet is first opened, the worksheet displays both vertical and horizontal lines that limit each cell. These dividing lines are called the Grid. The purpose of displaying this grid is to make it easier to see cell boundaries.


How To Show Gridlines In Excel?


This grid display sometimes confuses you, interrupts the display of the report you are making. If you intend to remove or Show Gridlines In Excel, you can use the following steps:

  • Select the Office Button> Excel Option
excel option
  • Then the Excel Option dialog box will appear 
How To Show Gridlines In Excel
  • Select Advanced Options on the Left option 
  • Scroll down to the right and look for the Display Option for the worksheet option 
  • Uncheck the Show gridlines option 
  • Then OK and see the results on your worksheet 
  • A quick way that we can use is to click the View tab> Gridlines 
show gridlines in excel
That's the quick, easy and quick tips How To Show Gridlines In Excel. You can set the gridline appearance in excel to your liking by using the guide steps above. I hope this helps.

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