How to Screenshot on Windows Server2012 R2

How to Screenshot on Windows easily and quickly to on Windows Server 2012 R2? In the following tips, we will share an easy and fast screenshot method using the Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system.


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Definition of Screenshot

How to Screenshot on Windows Server 

Video Demonstration How to Screenshot on Windows Server 2012


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What is a screenshot or screen capture?


What is a screenshot or screen capture? In the world of technology, we will find a lot of terms that often confuse ordinary people. Yep, indeed the term was created to shorten or facilitate the expression of a certain situation so that it is easier to mention. But of course, people who are new to knowing or hearing a term will not immediately know the meaning of the term in question. One of the most common terms on is Screenshot (commonly abbreviated as SS) or Screen Capture.


Screenshot is a screen display image taken from certain gadgets such as computer or laptop devices, tablet PCs, even smart phones (smartphones) with operating system support such as iPhone (with iOS), smartphones with Android OS or other OS. How to take screenshots on Android-based devices is generally the same, but some vendors such as Samsung, for example, have embedded different methods from other Android devices.


There are also those who have to use additional applications or software, especially for older model devices. But in general, modern smartphone devices circulating today no longer need additional applications because these features are embedded by default in each OS used.


Now usually the screen capture serves to tell others what we see from the screen of the device we are holding. Because sometimes we are unable to explain a situation very accurately and in detail, right? So that screenshots are the solution.


Often screen capture is used in various tutorials to make it easier for readers to understand, or some use it to explain a situation to others if there is a problem with the device it uses (to get a solution, of course). Now that's what I can explain about screen capture.


Step by step how to How to Screenshot on Windows Server 2012 R2


How to screenshot on Windows Server 2012 R2 is slightly different from other versions of Windows. Please follow the steps below:

  • Open the screen that you will screenshot
  • Focus on the keyboard
  • Press the "Fn + Start + Print Screen" button simultaneously
How to Screenshot on Windows Server
  • Open the MsPaint application or another application to place the Screenshot result
  • Press Ctrl + V
  • See the screenshot results
screenshot desktop server

  • Save the screenshot

Youtube Video how to Screenshot in Windows Server 2012

See our video below 


Ok guys, that's a few tips and tricks How to Screenshot on Windows to capture the screen that is currently appearing on the display. For friends who have tips about screenshots, please share them in the comments column below.

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