How to Entering Data in Excel Worksheet

How to Entering Data in Excel Worksheet? To write text and numbers in a cell, we can do it easily, simply by selecting the cell that you want to fill in the text / formula and typing the contents. 


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How to Input Data in Excel?


entering data in excel workshet

How to Entering Data in Excel Worksheet

Excel allows several types of data entry including :


Text contains information such as name, address and other information. To write this type of data, simply click on the cell to be filled with data, then type the text to be displayed 


Text is from 0-9 such as 13, -198, 345.5 and so on. To write this data type, just click cell which will be filled in the data, then type the number then enter. Writing a comma (in Indonesian format) or a period (in English format) defines a fraction / decimal number. 

Date and Time 

Excel allows writing dates and times in a recognized format. To write this data type simply write the text according to the date and time format.

Example: Date - -> 30/01/2007 or 30-01-2007, and so on

Time - -> 13:30:00


An expression to calculate a numeric / text result based on a specific formula. To write formulas in Excel, you can do this by starting the cell contents with the same character (=) then following the desired formula.

Example: = A3 + D9 - -> add up cells A3 and D9

Here are some tips on How to Entering Data in Excel Worksheet. Microsoft excel can be used for various purposes in document writing. You can read the introductory article Key elements in Microsoft Excel.

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