How to Cropping Photo in Photoshop Easily for Beginner

How to Cropping Photo in Photoshop? The use of Adobe Photoshop as a photo editing application, is still a belle at this time. There are millions of Photoshop users in this world, from beginners to advanced ones.

Adobe Photoshop itself has special features to support maximum editing needs. In spending, of course, users must have skills which must be learned first.

Well, one of the basic features that Photoshop has is cropping photos. Here, we will try this feature, discussing what we can use when cropping a photo or image.

Let's discuss how to cropping photos in Adobe Photoshop.

How to Cropping Photo in Photoshop

In the instant photo editing application, maybe using the feature to crop photos is very easy to do. However, the story will be displayed when you use Photoshop to do it.

How to cropping photos in Photoshop may be somewhat fun. Aside from the user interface that looks complicated, Photoshop is also designed for more detailed and sophisticated editing, so it can't be done instantly.

One thing that distinguishes the instant photo editing application, Photoshop is not only able to crop photos in the form of a box, it can load we can also select certain objects to be crop, by adjusting the shape of the object.

Even so, the cropping photo technique in Photoshop is actually not very difficult. Because, Photoshop also has some basic tools that can help you in cutting or cropping photos in simple ways.

Well, in the following, I will share a basic tutorial on how to cropping photos in Photoshop that I intended for beginners. Because, I myself am also a beginner in this matter.

Preparation how to Cropping Photo in Photoshop

Before starting the process of cropping photo using Photoshop, there are a few things that you need to prepare in advance, say:

Adobe Photoshop software itself. You are free to use any version. But, if possible, use CS4 version and above. The reason is, because here I am using CS6, so there is no significant difference in steps.

The photo or picture you want to crop. Can use your photos, photos with certain objects, vector images, animations, or whatever it is.

Well, if so, we can proceed to the tutorial.

How to Cropping Photos in Photoshop

As I mentioned earlier, even though it offers more results, how to cropping image or photo through Photoshop applications is not difficult. The steps are relatively simple, and certainly can be learned.

Here are the step by step how to cropping photo in Photoshop:

The first step, please open the Adobe Photoshop application first on your PC or laptop. If so, you can open the photo that you prepared earlier by clicking File> Open> Then accept the image.

open file photoshop

Next, please choose the Quick Selection Tool option in the left hand menu. Right-click the tool icon to see the available sub menus.

quick selection tool

This Quick Selection Tool is a feature that functions to align automatically on photo objects. With this tool, you don't need to bother to determine the lines on the object manually, which might take time.

Make a selection with the Quick Selection Tool earlier. Click the object that you want to cut. Please adjust again until the object has been selected perfectly.

cropping photo quick selection tool

If you have neatly selected, now this photo is ready to be crop. You can crop the photo by clicking CTRL + X.

Then, the results will be like this:

result cropping photo

Note: If you have not trimmed the object, you can tidy it up again with an eraser or other tools available there. Save image format in JPG / PNG format

Well, this is the short article this time about a tutorial on how to cropping photos in Photoshop.

I made this tutorial for you who are learning about Photoshop, especially in terms of cropping photos. Because, remember there are still quite a lot, here, people who do not know how to crop images in Photoshop.

Oh yes, related to Photoshop features in crop photos, in addition to the Quick Selection Tools earlier, there are actually several more ways to do this so that results are much neater.

However, these methods require steps that are longer than this, so that it will later be relevant to our theme this time, which I mean for beginners.

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