The Function of Main Elements in Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet application program created and distributed by Microsoft Corporation for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems. This application features calculations and graphs that use Microsoft's aggressive marketing strategy, making Microsoft Excel one of the most popular computer programs used in microcomputers to date.

In fact, this program is currently the most widely used spreadsheet program for both Windows-based PC platforms and Macintosh-based Mac OS platforms, since version 5.0 was published in 1993. This application is part of the Microsoft Office System, and the latest version is version of Microsoft Office Excel 2016 which is integrated into the Microsoft Office System 2016 package.
Benefits of Excel Worksheets

Apart from being used as a number processor, Excel worksheets are useful as worksheets for:
  • Makes it easy to create documents full of tables
  • Display and process numbers and data
  • Make a chart
  • Perform mathematical, economic and other calculations
  • Make statistical calculations
  • Creating a hyperlink for internet access
  • You know, Excel can also be used to make games, check here
  • And much more.

How to Activate or opening Microsoft Excel

You can do this in the following steps:
  • Click the Start button on the left of the Taskbar
  • Select All Apps, so that the menu appears above, look for category E and select Excel 2016
opening excel 2016
Or we can use the run facility by typing 'excel'
How to do :
  • Click start select run
  • Type 'excel' without the quotes then OK / ENTER
  • Look at the results, it's amazing isn't it.
opening excel 2016 run command
Microsoft Excel 2016 view
excel 2016 view

The main and Basic Elements of Microsoft Excel 2016 and their function

Office Button in Excel 2007

Office 2007 has changed drastically from the previous version both in terms of appearance and functionality. One of them is the Office Button which replaces the File menu in the old version.

The Office Button is located at the top left of the Excel screen
office button excel 2016
When you click the Office Button, some basic commands will appear such as Open, Save and Print.

detail office excel 2016 button
New, create a new worksheet
Open, opens an existing document
Save, save the worksheet
Save As, save the worksheet with another name or elsewhere
Print, print documents
Prepare, prepare documents for distribution
Send, send documents to other users by email or fax
Publish, distribute documents to other users
Close, closes open documents
At the bottom there are two buttons namely
  • Excel Options, make settings for the application or customize Excel
  • Exit Excel, exit from Microsoft Excel

Ribbon in Excel 2016

When you start Excel 2016, you may be surprised by how different it looks from the previous version. The dropdown menu is no longer found in Excel 2016 and is replaced by the Ribbon. The Ribbon is specially designed to make it easier for you to work with Excel. The Ribbon has 7 Standard Tabs namely Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, View. Each tab consists of toolbar groups. In other words, the Ribbon is a combination of a dropdown menu and a toolbar. Not only that, other tabs will appear when we select certain objects. For example, if we click the image on the worksheet, a tab with a toolbar group associated with the image will appear.
Ribbon in Excel 2016

Minimize Ribbon

minimize ribbon excel 2016

The Ribbon is designed to make it easy and perform commands quickly. However, you can hide the toolbar on the Ribbon (minimize) to expand the display space on the screen. Several ways to minimize the Ribbon:
  • Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar then click Minimize the Ribbon.
quick access toolbar excel 2016
  • Right click on the Ribbon, then click Minimize the Ribbon.
mnimize ribbon button excel 2016
  • Double click on the active title on the Ribbon or press [Ctrl + F1]

Restore Ribbon

  • Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar then click (uncheck) Minimize the Ribbon
  • Right click on the Ribbon, then click (uncheck) Minimize the Ribbon
  • Double click on the active tab title on the Ribbon or press [Ctrl + F1]
To use the Ribbon when minimized, all we have to do is click the tab to bring up the toolbars. When we click outside the Ribbon the toolbars will be hidden again.

Introduction to the Ribbon Tab Home

As previously explained, in Microsoft Excel 2016, the menu contained in the previous version has been replaced by the Ribbon in the 2016 version here.

The default appearance of the Ribbon tab is on the Home tab
tab home excel 2016


Nama Toolbar



Move text / object to Clipboard


Copy text / object to Clipboard


Copy text / object to the editor screen

Format Painter

Copying formats from one place to another


Change fonts

Font Size

Change the font size

Grow Font

Increase the font size

Shrink Font

Decreases the font size


Bold Text


Italic Text


Underline text


Provide summaries automatically

Fill Color

Give the cell a background color

Font Color

Give writing color to text

Horisontal Alignment

Provides alignment to cells based on a horizontal line

Vertical Alignment

Provides alignment to cells based on vertical lines


Rotate text diagonally or vertically


Functions like a space

Merge Cell

Merge the selected cells

Wrap Teks

Make text in a cell into multiple lines

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