How to Create, Open, Save, Save As, Exit in Microsoft Excel?

In the following article tips we will discuss how to How to Create documents, Open, Save, Save As, Exit in Microsoft Excel. 


Table of Contents

How to Opening a New Workbook?

How to Open Workbook File?

How to Save the Workbook?

How to Save As Workbook Document?

How to Exit From Microsoft Excel?

How to Activate the Dialog Box?

Opening a New Workbook

If you are going to create a new workbook, you can do this by:

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button

office button excel 2016

  • Select New - -> Workbook - -> OK
  • Or press Ctrl + N keys

Opening the Workbook File


You can reopen the workbook file that you have saved in the following steps:

  • Select the Office Button - Open command or press Ctrl + O key. An open dialog box will appear
opening workbook excel 2016
  • If the file you want to open is not in the current directory, specify the driver and directory where the file is located, by selecting the Look In box.
  • Click on the file to be opened
  • Click the Open button

Save the Workbook


How to save a workbook in Excel, namely:

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button
  • Select Save, then it will enter the save dialog box:
save workbook excel 2016
  • Fill in the File Name then click Save
  • What needs to be noted is that by default Microsoft Excel 2016 will provide an extension in the form of * .xlsx which indicates that Excel 2016 is the 12th generation of Office and files with this format cannot be opened (open) in previous versions, for example the 11th Generation of Office (Microsoft Office 2003) because it does not support the * .xlsx format
  • e. For further storage we can also use the Ctrl + S key to Save and the F12 key to Save As

Save the Workbook Under Another Name


As discussed earlier. You can save the workbook again if there are changes, with the command Microsoft Office Button - -> Save or press the Ctrl + S key. But if you are going to save it with a different name, choose Microsoft Office Button - -> Save As or press the F12 key, then the Save As dialog box will appear, replace the old file name with a new one then click the Save button.


Exit from Microsoft Excel 2016


To end using Microsoft Excel 2016, follow these steps:

  • Save the workbook that you have created, if you wish to save it
  • Select the Office Button; Exit Excel; to end Microsoft Excel 2016. This process will be completed when the Microsoft Excel 2016 window is completely closed.
exit excel 2016

Or double click on the Office Button

office button excel 2016

Activate the Dialog Box


It is very different from the previous version, if in the previous one there were many drop down menus which if we clicked it would bring up a dialog box. In Excel 2016, to enter the dialog box, we have to click the expand icon. Look at the following picture:


dialog box excel 2016


Expand icon on the marked box to activate the Format Font dialog box. Just click and see what comes up. 


That's a brief reference on How to Create, Open, Save, Save As, Exit in Microsoft Excel. Hopefully it can provide a brief and clear reference on how to create a new Excel document, open a document, save and also how to end work in Microsoft Excel

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