How to Adjust Column Width & Row Height in Excel

Working with Microsoft excel is working with columns. We can easily adjust the column width in Microsoft Excel so that the columns can be neatly arranged. For example, by setting the same column width, and or the like.


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Set and Change Column Width


Easy Ways to Adjust Column Width in Excel


Below is a trick on how to adjust column width easily and quickly. How to? Follow the guide below.


Set Column Width


When we use Microsoft Excel 2016, the data we enter is often not enough in the cell concerned, this is possible by the length of the data, the size of the font or others.


Change Column Width To A Specific Width


Adjusting column width and row height can actually be done manually, namely by taking a line (Press the right mouse button) then dragging it according to the column width or row height that we want. However, if we want to arrange a large number of columns and rows and want the same size then we can do the following steps:


  • Select the column or row that we want to adjust
  • Select Home Tab> Format> Column Width for column size or Row Height for row height.
column width excel
  • Enter the number in the column width according to our wishes, for example 20
column width row height
  • Click OK


That's how to easily and quickly set or adjust column width in Microsoft Excel.


If you have questions, or other tricks related to how to adjust column width and row height in Microsoft Excel, please write in the comments column below. May be useful

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