Quickly Find Layers from Hundreds of Photoshop Layers

Often our time is wasted just looking for a layer that we want from the many, maybe even hundreds of layers that we make using Adobe Photoshop, so we make it a headache.

However, in the latest Photoshop CS5, CS6 and above, you no longer need to worry because you just have to activate the Filtering off tool, you just press near the top right of the palette, so that you now don't need any more headaches or headaches, because even if you work in so many layers, you will be able to easily find the photoshop layer you want without wasting your time.

The following is the display to enable filtering off in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

photoshop layer

Thus a few tips on how to enable filtering off in Adobe Photoshop that works to find the photoshop layer easily and quickly. Thus, your work will be easier and faster despite using hundreds of photoshop layers.