How to Save a Worksheet Automatically in Photoshop

How do you save the work automatically save in Photoshop ?. The following are tips and tricks on how to make automatically save recovery information in Photoshop.

Automatically save recovery information is a setting in Photoshop so that the worksheets that we make are automatically saved periodically so that when there is a power failure or application crashes or errors, then the results of your work can be restored because it has been saved in the Automatically save recovery information settings

Why is it necessary to set the results to save automatically?

Often when we are starting a job in the Photoshop program, sometimes we have problems when we are working, the program suddenly becomes a crash or error. so that what we have made is lost and is not stored in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop application program You can save the work automatically or known as Automatically save recovery information every 5 minutes up to 60 minutes or one hour, so you can find the job that you created the last time before your Photoshop CS program encountered a problem.

Even the advantages of Photoshop CS2 can save any large file automatically at the same time while you are working, without disturbing your work at all.

The steps to automatically save recovery information in Photoshop.

By default Photoshop will automatically save recovery information every 10 minutes. However, you can set it to your liking every 5 minutes to 60 minutes. This depends on the application user.

To set automatically save recovery information in Photoshop as you wish, follow the steps below:
  • Edit Menu> Preferences> File Handling
edit preferences adobe photoshop
  • Give a check mark on automatically save recovery information every:
  • Select the settings according to your wishes.
automatically save recovery information

See our video here

How to find out the results of the settings automatically save recovery information?

When you work in the Photoshop window, then periodically according to the time settings, a bar will appear when Photoshop will save a very large file.

save bar

So a little trick so that the results of your Photoshop work can be saved automatically by setting automatically save recovery information. Thus, the graphic design work that you do will be safe at all times according to the settings.

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