Hidden Files Because Virus Arttact, Recover Fixed 100%

How to restore hidden files and folders hidden by viruses? This tutorial starts from an event where I find a file or folder that is stored on the flash is not visible at all.

However, when checked the capacity of the flash indicates the space used. So, I assume that the possibility of the file or folder has been hidden by other malware viruses.

Well, friend, below is a tutorial on how to restore Hidden Files and folders hidden by viruses

Recover and Show Hidden Files and Folders

Step by step how to recover and show hidden Files and folders.

To recover and display back files or folders hidden by the virus, one of them can be overcome by using the Attrib command in the command prompt, the way is as follows:

  • Click Start -> Run then type CMD then press ENTER
run cmd windows
  • Move the active prompt to the Drive location (C or D or E, etc.) to the hidden file location, for example: The missing file is in Drive E, then Move your Active Prompt to Drive E by typing E: then press Enter
locate drive cmd
  • After your prompt changes to "E:" immediately continue by typing the command "attrib -r -a -s -h *.* /s /d" (without quotation marks), and then press Enter
hidden files recover restore

recover hidden files
  • Check the results in Windows Explorer

Information :

  1. attrib = command to change file / folder attributes
  2. -r = removes the read only file attribute
  3. -a = removes the file archive attribute
  4. -s = removes the File system attribute
  5. -h = removes the hidden File attribute

Thus a quick, quick and easy tutorial how to recover and restore hidden files and folders caused by a computer virus attack. Hopefully with the tutorial trick above, all files and folders that are detected due to computer viruses can appear all in the file manager. May be useful

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