Hard Drive Bad Sector Repair : Fix and Solved

Hard Drive bad sector repair, can we do it? This will depend on how big the bad sector that occurs in a hard drive. When a bad sector occurs in only a few sectors, then most likely the damage to the sector can be overcome.

However, when bad sectors occur in almost many sectors, it is unlikely to be able to repair hard drives that have bad sectors in many sectors. But it never hurts us to try Hard Drive Bad Sector Repair efforts

Step by step Hard Drive Bad Sector Repair using HDD generator

Below is step by step how to repair bad sector on hard drive using HDD Generator. But before you make repairs to the hard drive bad sector, please prepare the following material:

  • Hard drive bad sector
  • Computer or laptop according to the type of hard drive that is damaged
  • USB flash disk
  • HDD generator software
The first step, Install HDD generator Software on Desktop / Laptop Computers. The first thing is to download and install the full version of the HDD generator. If you use the free version, then you can only repair bad sectors in only one sector and cannot repair the bad sector hard drive up to 100%. So use a paid full version HDD generator. Please visit the HDD Generator web, a bad sector reapir tool on the hard drive.

The second step, Create a USB Bootable USB Flash HDD Generator

After the first successful step, the next step is to make a bootable USB Flash drive Hdd Generator. The steps are as follows:
  • Plug in the USB Flash Drive on the USB port of the Computer / Laptop (Normal computer)
plug in usb flash drive
  • Open the HDD generator application
  • Select the "Bootable USB Flash Menu
hdd generator
  • Choose Usb Flash Drive
  • Then click "OK"
  • Confirmation "Click OK"
create bootable usb flash drive
  • Conformation to restart " Choose : No"
  • Unplug the USB Flash Drive (Usb Flash Driver HDD generator is ready to use)
The third step, Rapair bad sector by using a Bootable USB Flash Drive HDD generator
  • Plug in the Bootable Usb Flash HDD generator on a computer or laptop with its bad sector hard disk.
plugin usb flash drive
  • Turn on the computer that is already installed Bootable USB Flash Drive HDD Generator
  • BIOS settings with first boot on a USB Flash Drive
  • Save the bios settings and reboot the Computer

bios setting bootable usb flash drive
  • Start Boot from the USB Flash Drive HDD generator
  • The HDD generator menu appears
  • Select the Hard disk that you want to repair bad sectors
choose hdd bad sector
  • Choose scan and repair
scan repair hdd bad sector
  • Write starting sector
write bad sector hdd
  • Progress scanning and repairing bad sectors
  • The process of scanning and repairing bad sector hard drive runs and wait for it to 100%.
hard drive bad sector repair
  • Result of scan and repair bad sector hdd
result scan and repair

After the process of scanning and repairing hard disk bad sectors using a bootable usb flash drive hdd generator is complete, the scan and repair statistics will appear on your monitor screen.

That's the way of Hard Drive Bad Sector Repair by using a Bootable USB Flash Drive HDD Generator. If you are lucky and there aren't too many bad sectors, then the bad sectors on the hard disk drive can be repaired by re-generating the sectors on the hard disk drive that are experiencing bad sectors.

Note: you need to know that the Bad Sector Repair Hard Drive by using the HDD generator works optimally after the computer is run first through the bootable USB Flash Drive HDD generator. So as to repair bad sectors the hard disk cannot be run while Windows is running.

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