Change canvas size photoshop : 100% Quick

Hello readers, on this occasion we will share a quick and easy tutorial on how to Change canvas size photoshop. What is meant by changing the size of the canvas size here is when we have already made a new work page and it turns out that the size is not appropriate, then we can widen the size of the work page by changing the size of the canvas.

In Photoshop's graphic design application itself already provides Change canvas size Photoshop features namely Canvas Size. The canvas size feature is in the Image menu. If you already understand about canvas size and the features of changing canvas size, then we continue with the tutorial on using the Canvas Size tool to change the canvas size.

Step by step how to Change canvas size Photoshop

The first step

Create a new work page using the File menu> New or with the shortcut Ctrl + N. Because it is just an example, the size must not be what we want (because it will be changed in the next step).

change canvas size

Step Two change Photoshop's Canvas Size

Canvas size menu As explained in the above tension, to open the Canvas Size feature the way is as follows: click on the Image menu-> Canvas Size. And then click the menu. Or you can also use the Alt + Ctrl + C shortcut (to make things easier)

menu canvas size

Third step change the size of the canvas

After clicking on the Canvas Size menu, a new working window will appear, namely Canvas Size. And the following is a complete explanation of the functions in Canvas Size.

  1. Current Size, contains information about the original size of your work page.
  2. Width and Height, to set the length and width of the work page in units of Pixels, Inches, Centimeters, etc.
  3. Anchor, to determine in which direction the canvas size will be widened or reduced.
  4. Canvas Extension Color, to adjust the background color of the widened work page.
change canvas size photoshop

On the menu as shown in the picture above, please adjust the settings according to your wishes, if you just click OK and automatically the work page can be wider or smaller than the original size when we make it.

Okay, that's all for the tutorial on this occasion about how to Change canvas size Photoshop quickly and easily and thank you for reading our tutorial. May be useful.

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