Working out While Fasting : Whats Kinds and how to do?

Working out While Fasting? Why not? When receiving fasting, the body does not get food and drink supplies for several hours. Even if you don't eat or drink, it doesn't mean you can relax and not relax anymore. Because, exercise is one of the important keys for a healthy and fit body. When fasting, you still keep exercising, while only mild.

An expert on Fitness and Nutrition Programming, Chelsea Amengual, said that the compilation of fasting, glycogen, or the combination needed to spend a lot of money will be exhausted. If you exercise while fasting, the fat in the body will burn faster than usual. So, besides being healthy, exercise during fasting can also make a solution for those of you who are trying to lose weight.

What Kinds and Types of Working out While Fasting?

Even though sports during fasting must be done, there are things you need to do. One of them is the type of exercise performed. Choose the type of exercise that is only mild, with an intensity that is also not too heavy, to avoid using dehydration during fasting.

Here are some types of light exercise or Working out While Fasting that can be tried:

leisurely strolling

working out while fasting joging
When fasting, avoid sports that can make you sweat a lot. Well, one type of exercise that you can choose is a leisurely walk. By taking a leisurely walk, bodily health can soothe, mostly heart health and body parts with bones, without having to sweat too much. Choose the right time to do this exercise, for example on a sick day let it break the fast, to avoid the problem of weakness that is too long.


This sport is actually similar to walking leisurely, but with a slightly faster rhythm. No need to worry, jogging is included in mild exercise that can be done during fasting and can be done at any time.


Yoga also includes light exercise, because it does not drain too much energy. Practicing yoga while fasting can keep your body fresh, fit and more relaxed. As you know, yoga practice focuses on breathing techniques, which automatically increase oxygen supply to all tissues and balance hormone production.

In addition, yoga can also burn calories and be able to improve posture. It is certain that this exercise will not make you easily tired, because yoga will not make you sweat a lot, so you will not become dehydrated.


by cycle

Cycling is an example of mild exercise as well as fun, which can be tried when fasting. In addition to tightening muscles, rotating is also beneficial to nourish the heart. When fasting, motion can also make the body not too weak, the mind is also more calm and oxygen that enters the body can be controlled more easily.


Bowling, including sports that do not require a lot of energy, but no less exciting than cycling. By playing bowling, you can exercise while waiting for breaking the fast. Bowling is great for strengthening hand muscles and training body balance.

Weight Training

Even though this sport sounds pretty hard to do, actually you can adjust it to be lighter, really. In order not to drain a lot of energy, choose a burden that is not too heavy. Then, do a gentle lifting motion weights slowly, so that the muscles do not cramp when lifting weights.

Those are some choices of mild exercise that can be tried when fasting. Things to consider before doing sports when fasting is to choose the right time, so as not to interfere with your fasting. Avoid exercising during the day, because it risks causing dehydration.

Do sports in the afternoon 2 to 1 hour before breaking the fast or after breaking the fast. If you are still confused in choosing what type of exercise is right for your body condition and health, immediately consult your doctor.

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