Definition of physical education Truly and completely

What is Truly's Definition of physical education? Physical education needs to be meaningful education, which builds student learning in developing students' knowledge, attitudes, and motor skills through a variety of experiences of physical activity. The learning process is created due to the physical education teacher's ability to create student learning towards the development of student movement competencies.

definition of physical education

The learning process of students must impress and enlighten students, so students get a number of knowledge, a wealth of attitudes, and the development of motor skills that are meaningful, purposeful, and contextual to the needs of students. The motion learning experience leads students to understand the body and recognize its potential for motion, develop the full potential of students through a variety of structured learning experiences for motion-body skills needed in their lives.

The body in its motion identity makes it easy for students, the students become good at carrying their body, the body in its potential for movement does not complicate the student, the body in its motion potential equips students with independence and well-being: physically, with the hope of impacting mental well-being / mind, social, and even spiritual well-being when students are able and clever to take contextual meaning from the learning experience of their movements towards the reality of everyday living systems towards a better quality of life.

Physical education is an educational process that utilizes physical activity as an effort to build independence and the well-being of human life. An educational process through physical activities for human life. Physical education is drawn from the desire to connect humans with their environment through movement. The physical concept of ownership connects itself to the environment.

The body in its potential for movement helps, independence and welfare. For example, when students walk into the school environment, it is the walking motion that connects students to the school environment. Furthermore, because of the attachment between physical and spiritual, physical education not only fosters physical, but also intersects with students' mental, mental and social dimensions, or even spiritual students, physical education is often referred to as an educational process that builds a complete human being.

This comprehensive and whole education is synonymous with human nature education, a process of educating that builds student learning, including the development of students' knowledge, attitudes and skills. Nature education in question is education that preserves, nurtures, and at the same time builds human nature as a creature that has physical, spiritual, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions. Physical education is education for life, that is education that provides movement skills for life.

The experience of learning motion equips all the needs of student movement now and later. Therefore, physical education is also referred to as an educational effort that titers student movements. The motion learning experience of students gives rise to the willingness and willingness and loyalty of students to live actively moving throughout their lives. Active activity throughout life leads students to a healthy, fit, and independent and prosperous state.

Physical education intends to titrate students' movements and build student participation and learning to develop physical intelligence so that it impacts spiritual intelligent, mental intelligent, socially intelligent, and spiritually intelligent. An education for life that nurtures students 'intimacy and equips students' movement skills.

Motion learning experiences build on achieving a better quality of life. This can be achieved as a result of understanding and willingness to move actively healthy and fit throughout the lives of students. The implementation of physical education teaching is divided into two, first learning that builds student sports, and secondly learning that builds student learning that leads to a better quality of life through mediation of selected physical activities.

Important notes: Physical education, sports, and health are physical education processes that build student learning for the development of student body-movement competencies. Thus Definition of physical education, may be useful.

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