Windows Startup Settings for Speed up Computer

On this occasion, we will provide one tip to speed up loading of Windows when first turned on by windows startup setting. Keep in mind, startups are programs or applications that run when the computer operating system is running for the first time. And so on this application program will continue to run as long as the commuter user does not turn off or stop it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of windows startup applications?

Applications or programs that run at startup are usually the default application of the Windows operating system and there are also applications that are installed and sometimes needed so that these applications need to be run as a startup.

Some of the benefits or advantages that we can get from this Windows startup application include:

Startup is very important and vital for the life of the computer operating system. An application that is based on startup is an important part that is inseparable from the service system of an operating system.

Most of the default startup application of an operating system both windows and linux is an important part of the system and is needed to start the computer.

Thus, when the application or service is turned off it can have a vital impact on a computer or laptop and can even result in a malfunction or operation of an operating system.

Facilitate the system in accessing an installed application or program. An example is anti-virus, Bluetooth, wireless, internet download manager and other applications according to the needs of the user.

In addition to the benefits or benefits that can be obtained from startup applications in Windows or Linux operating system, there are also disadvantages, one of which is that it can slow down the performance of a computer or laptop. This can occur when there are many applications or programs running at startup. And these programs are actually not important for the operation of an operating system.

How to speed up computer performance by Windows startup settings and configuration

To overcome the problem as stated above, we need a technique or a way that is by making configuration on the windows startup both computer or laptop application. How to set up a startup application. Read the full description below:

The steps to speed up loading or computer work with Startup settings.
  • Open the RUN application by pressing the "Start + R" button on the keyboard
  • RUN window appears, type in the "msconfig" without quotes
  • Click OK, or press the Enter key
msconfig run
  • The "System Configuration" window appears
  • Select the Startup tab > Open task manager (on Windows 8 and later versions)
 task manager windows
  • In the task manager window > select application > disable 
 Windows Startup Settings
  • Done
See the video below

So a little trick to speed up loading windows when first turned on. With the startup settings trick, then your Windows operating system can run or load faster because some applications that are not too important and running startup have been turned off or disabled.

To re-start the windows startup application that you have turned off through the application startup settings you can do easily, namely by re-enabling the startup. 

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