How to Make a Watermark Photos : 100% Fast & Easy

How to Make a Watermark Photos? Watermark is a writing or logo image that is generally found in a work either digital or manual. Watermarks can reflect an identity of a person.

Watermark is a sign of ownership in a work of someone who is in a photo / picture or video in the form of small print / logo that looks floating on an image or video

How to Make a Watermark on Photos or images?

Watermark has an important meaning in a work of individual and organizational ownership, therefore every work, whether writing, drawing or video should be added a watermark.

Below, we will give a trick on How to Make a Watermark on a photo or image using the free Windows default application using MsPaint.

What is needed?

In this trick does not require a lot of software or hardware. What you need is as follows:
  1. Computer either laptop or desktop PC
  2. MsPaint. There are two versions, MsPaint standard and MsPaint 3D.
Where do we get MsPaint?

MsPaint is a simple, freeware or free graphic design application. This application is a default program for the Windows operating system. So that you can find MsPaint on all Windows operating system versions. And in versions of Windows 10 and above, there are two versions of MsPaint, standard MsPaint and MsPaint 3D.

Step by step How do you make a watermark using MsPaint
  • Turn on your latop or compuiter
  • Open Windows Explorer> open folder> right-click images or photos
  • Select open with> Paint 3D / Paint (this time using MsPaint 3D)
open images mspaint
  • On the MsPaint 3D menu> click Text Toolbar
how to make a watermark
  • Customize the text according to your wishes
 editing watermark using paint
 watermark with paint

  • Save the file as needed (image, 3d project, video)
save watermark
  • Choose a storage area
  • Finish


That's the trick of the easy, fast, and free way How to Make a Watermark on images or Photos using paint, PAINT 3D. For more details, you can see a video the following YouTube link below.

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