100% Easy: Bluetooth File Transfer Android to Computer

Bluetooth File Transfer Android to computer is a method of transferring files from android media to computer and also from computer to android. How can you do this? The following are tricks on how to transfer files from a computer to an Android device and or from an Android device to a computer both laptop or desktop.

Step y step to prepare Bluetooth File Transfer Android

Some things you need to prepare include the following:
  • A computer device (laptop or desktop PC) with a Bluetooth device. If your computer not support Bluetooth yo can try an USB Bluetooth adapter for computer
  • Android with a Bluetooth device.

Step by step transfer files from computer to Android device

Pairing an android device to a computer. The first step is pairing an android device to the computer. The steps are as follows:
  • Turn on Bluetooth on an Android device
bluetooth android
  • Run the Bluetooth software on the computer. In the example below is a computer with Windows 10 (make sure your computer's Bluetooth is ON
  • Add Bluetooth or other device
bluetooth computer
  • Add a device > Bluetooth
tranfer bluetooth computer
  • Add a device > select an android device > connect
pairing android to computer
bluetooth connect
  • On the android device also will appear notification " Bluetooth pairing code " > press Pair
pairing android with computer
  • Finished, Pairing an android device to a computer has been successful
paired android computer

Perform Bluetooth File Transfer Android to Computer

After paring the android device with computer successfully, the next step is we will start the transfer of files between the two devices that have been paired (pairing). 

How to transfer files from computer to Android device

To transfer files from computer to Android device the steps are as follows:

1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Select the file you want to transfer to the Android device
3. Right-click on the file > send to > Bluetooth device
bluetooth file transfer android
4. Select the paired device > next
android device paired
5. On the Android device the message notification will appear: Accept incoming files?
6. Select Accept
7. The process of transferring files from computer to Android
8. Finish
success bluetooth tranfer file

How do I transfer from Android to computer?

To transfer files from an android device to a computer, the steps are as below: 

On your computer

1. Make sure the steps to pair Android with a computer are successful
2. Open the Bluetooth application on your computer
3. Send or receive files via Bluetooth
receive transfer bluetooth computer
4. Receive files
bluetooth computer receive file

On an Android device

1. Bluetooth = on
2. Select files from an android device
transfer android to computer
3. Send > Bluetooth
send file android to computer
4. Select the computer device that has been paired with Android
bluetooth compter paired
5. Done
success tranfer file android to pc
After the file transfer process from the Android device to the computer is complete, a popup notification will appear on both the Android device and the computer that the file transfer process has been successful.

process bluetooth transfer file

finish bluetooth tranfer fie

That's the trick of Bluetooth File Transfer Android to Computer and also transfer files from android to computer easily and quickly.

Note, if the message appears finish on your computer when transferring files from Android to computer, then to be able to transfer files again, then you must do the steps from the beginning again. May be useful.

If there are other tricks, questions or problems related to the Bluetooth File Transfer android to computer trick, please leave a comment below.