Perfect 100% Rotate Video Using Movavi Video Suite

Rotate video is one way to edit videos by changing the display orientation of a video. The orientation we mean is the position of portrait or landscape position.

Videos that you have created or have obtained from other sources such as YouTube and other sources can be edited to suit your needs. On this new opportunity, we will share tips and tricks on how to edit videos in a small sub-section, namely rotate video using Movavi Video Suite.

Why do we use Movavi Video Suite?

There are tons of video editor applications for rotate videos that are either online or web based or applications that are offline or Desktop based. Here are a few reasons we use Movavi Video Suite for Video editing:
  • Friendly user interface
  • Toolbar menus that are easily accessed
  • Support almost all types of video files
  • Export Video to all types of devices both mobile, desktop, video audio, images and online videos such as YouTube, Facebook and others.
  • Adding video files is very easy with drag and drop
  • Rotate video very easily by clicking on the rotate button.
  • Rotate video with various rotate options

Before you work doing video editing with rotate video using Movavi Video Suite, here are some preparations that you must prepare. Including the following:
  • A good computer desktop or laptop
  • Video Files
  • Video Editor Software. In this discussion, we use Movavi Video Suite
  • Hard disk storage, both internal hard disk and external hard disk

Step by step rotate Video using Movavi Video Suite

  • Install Movavi Video Suite Software
  • Open Movavi Video Suite
  • Select the Edit Video menu
movavi video suite editor
  • Add Media Files add video movavi video suite editor
  • Select, Rotate the selected clip
rotate video editor
  • Choose according to your wishes
change orientation video edit
  • Customize your video output
  • Start
video output
For more details about how to rotate the video according to the steps above, you can see it on the Youtube link below.

Thus tips and tricks on how to rotate videos easily, quickly by using Movavi Video Suite. If you have questions or tips and similar tricks, please leave a comment in the comments column below. Hopefully the simple video editing tips and tricks above, all of which can be useful for you in editing videos.

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