Complete Ways to Strengthen Smash in Volleyball

Strengthen Smash in Volleyball? Be it beach volleyball or indoor volleyball, this sports game requires agility, balance, strength and high speed. Smashes that are a type of attack that can kill your opponent are not only included in the basic techniques in the game of badminton, but also an important part in volleyball games. Here are some ways to strengthen the smash in volleyball that can be known as well as trained after the complete volleyball sports equipment.

The several Ways How to Strengthen Smash in Volleyball

See Blockers

When you want to make a smash, of course the opposing team will try to block. It is at these blockers that you need to be aware of because no matter how strong you smash the ball if it is hit by the blockers' hands, this actually becomes an obstacle for your team in getting a score. So, make sure you focus on the coming of the ball and with the corner of your eye you can also watch the blockers so you can avoid them on the net.

Training Timing

Likewise in strengthening a smash when playing badminton, timing is an important factor that needs to be continuously trained because the correct timing will help the smash to succeed strongly. Timing is also an ability that volleyball players need to master well so that smashes can be maximized.

Increase the Strength of the Shoulder Swing

Volleyball smashes can be produced loudly and strongly with a maximum swing of the shoulder. When the shoulder swing is at optimal strength, the compressive force becomes greater so that the smash is more satisfying. To increase the strength of the shoulder swing, here are the methods.

smash volleyball
  • Warm up your shoulders with a swing towards the front with 10 times the following count also backward with the same count of 10 times as well, but with both hands position vertically or horizontally straight.
  • When the shoulder has begun to feel hot and the muscles feel ready to take pressure, immediately give weight to practice swinging the arm.
  • Arm training with weights can be done with a simple barbell. If you do not have a barbell at home, just use simple tools like bottled mineral water that you can fill with sand as a burden.
  • During each exercise, do 100 or more times.
  • Smash with the Middle Hand
When making a smash, make sure your hands remain open and the distance to your fingers is also open. The arm can then be rotated on the shoulder and then move the front arm toward the front quickly toward the ball.

Push Up

push up

Push up is not only a way to strengthen the smash in badminton, but physical training is also very well done by volleyball players. This sport is beneficial both for volleyball players because with push ups, the strength of the hands will be much increased where the hand muscles can be relied upon for perfect and maximum smashes.

Avoid Jumping Aloft

To be able to execute a perfect smash, too high a jump is not recommended. So that a strong smash hit, jumps too high will actually trigger the exhaustion of energy at the beginning and even jumps too high usually do not trigger the maximum smash results. It is important to practice jumping so as not to overdo it and so you can save energy for the rest of the game and not then run out just to smash the ball.

Perform Burpees

Volleyball physical training such as burpees is also needed so that the smash in the volleyball gets better and maximum. Burpees are a type of exercise that includes the muscles of the chest, arms and legs. For how to do this, here are the steps that can be followed.
  • Start with an athletic position or standing position where after that proceed with dropping in the push up position.
  • Push up itself can be done 10-20 times before finally returning to the initial position, namely standing by jumping.
  • Next do a jump by raising your hand as if it were about to block.
  • So basically, get up, do push ups, jump back to a standing position, do a blocking motion, and be in the starting position.
Train the Foot Without the Ball

It is important for you to train your feet where the other term is footwork. Be sure to do regular exercises with a fast and strong approach but without using volleyball. Just imagine that you are practicing with the ball and start right behind the attack line.

Increase Leap Height when Needed

A high level of jumping should not be excessive and how high a jump depends on the whole approach and not just the last step. Come in the direction of the ball's bounce firmly followed by swinging your arms while bending your knees. The whole body is also certain to move in only one swing pointing upward when jumping and place the best position to make a smash.

Practicing Punches from the Right Angle

The effectiveness and strength of the smash is also determined from the angle where you hit it. You need to make the ball bounce on the floor as fast as possible where this will automatically prevent the opposing player from returning the ball to your team. If you have mastered the correct form of attack, training your attack with a smash from a sharp angle is important.

Those are some ways to strengthen the smash in volleyball that can be practiced to improve your performance in this sports game. How to hit the volleyball hard so it requires certain physical exercises that also need attention. Also explore common mistakes when serving in volleyball so that the game gets better.

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