First Aid in Childbirth by Health Workers

What should be done in the first aid after childbirth? Childbirth is a critical period for mother and baby. Every maternal mother must be assisted by trained health workers, namely doctors and or midwives, and refer to specialist services if complications occur.

Every pregnancy requires attention, because there will always be a bad risk to the mother, baby or both. Many dangers, illnesses or even deaths can be prevented if carrying out four pregnancy examinations to trained health workers, childbirth is carried out in a place that has adequate equipment facilities and is assisted by trained health workers, namely doctors, and or midwives, and periodically checks mothers and babies for 24 hours after birth.

First Aid Childbirth

If the mother is ready to give birth, she is encouraged to be accompanied by someone who she chooses to help her during the process and after birth. In particular the companion can assist in three ways, namely feeding and drinking, assisting breathing techniques that are appropriate to the stages of the birth process, as well as helping to reduce pain and discomfort in accordance with the advice of skilled birth attendants.

What should be done in the first aid after childbirth?

During and immediately after giving birth, skilled birth attendants will:
  1. Supervise and follow the birth process and pay special attention to signs of danger that require immediate help.
  2. Notify mother and family if specialist care is needed or must move to hospital.
  3. Reducing the risk of infection by keeping hands clean, tools and places to be used for childbirth and always using gloves at the time.
  4. Encourage that the mother who is going to give birth walks while she is at the stage of labor and helps arrange the position of birth she wants.
  5. Assist each stage of labor and birth of the baby.
  6. Cut the baby's umbilical cord at the right time to care for it.
  7. Take care of the baby and keep it warm.
  8. Placing the baby on the mother's breast once the baby is born. Let her try to find her mother's nipples (Early Breastfeeding Initiation).
  9. Place the placenta safely, and care for the mother who has just given birth.
  10. Provide antibiotic eye ointment for babies to prevent blindness and infection.
  11. Give vitamin K1 injections.
  12. Giving hepatitis B immunization between one to two hours after vitamin K1 injection.
  13. Check and weigh the baby's weight.
  14. Bathing a normal baby can only be done after six hours of birth to prevent cold.
  15. Refer the baby and mother to more appropriate health facilities if needed.
That is, various first aid measures that can be given to mothers who have just given birth. The hope of giving first aid is to prevent and minimize the risk of complications that may arise.

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