Types of Facial Skin and Factors Affecting it

What are the types of skin and the factors that affect the types of facial skin? Types of facial skin can be classified into 4 main types of facial skin as follows.
types of facial skin

4 Types of Facial Skin

Oily facial skin
On oily skin, the fat glands work excessively so that the skin looks shiny, thick, strong tone, large pores and easily gets disturbances in the form of acne (blackheads, acne, and the like)
Dry facial skin
In dry skin, fat glands work less actively. The skin looks dull, thin, scaly, smooth, wrinkles arise more quickly. The pores are not visible, easily get interference with dilation of blood vessels of the hair.
Normal facial skin
The skin is not oily and not dry, so it looks fresh and good, the pores are almost invisible. Removal of impurities and absorption of useful substances through the skin and blood circulation go well, it is rare to get acne problems or the appearance of defects on the skin of the face and tone.
Mixed facial skin
Mixed-type skin, which is the middle part of the face (around the nose, chin, and forehead) sometimes oily or normal. While other parts are normal or dry. Can occur at any age, but more often there are at the age of 35 years and over.

Factors Affecting the Types of Facial Skin

There are several factors that affect changes in facial skin types, including the following.
Age can affect changes in a person's skin type. For example, someone who as a child has normal skin type after adolescence, his skin becomes oily. Similarly, in young people have oily skin types after the old skin becomes dry.
Food and Drink
Changes in skin type, can be caused by the type of food consumed. For example fatty foods, hot, spicy, or ice drinks can change the skin from normal to oily. Conversely eating sour, liquor or alcohol can change normal skin to dry.
Climate can cause changes in skin type. In hot climates, the skin can change become oily, whereas in cold climates the skin can become dry.
In general there are 4 types of facial skin namely oily facial skin, dry facial skin, normal facial skin and mixed facial skin. The type of facial skin will determine the proper and correct facial skin care.
By knowing your facial skin type, then you can easily find the right facial cosmetic ingredients. Consultation with a dermatologist will greatly assist you in determining your skin type.

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