How to Prevent Yourself from Heart Disease?

How to prevent yourself from heart disease? Mortality due to heart disease continues to increase compared to previous years. One of the things that contributed to the increase in heart disease is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Heart attacks are usually caused by coronary heart disease, which is a disorder in which the heart arteries are blocked by plaque. Although until now there has been no way to know for sure when a heart attack can occur, but the risk factors associated with this disorder have been known. The main risk factors that are known and can be controlled are high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, obesity, smoking, and an inactive lifestyle.

Early symptoms appear in people with heart disease, among others:

  • Palpitations in the sufferer's heart like something depressed.
  • Shortness of breath accompanied by the release of cold sweat and feel the tingling felt to the back, arms, and other parts.
  • Patients will feel pain in the chest that feels like a prick.
  • People with heart disease will feel easily tired and have difficulty when going to sleep.

Here are some ways to maintain heart health by:

Stay active!

prevent heart disease

Whatever the sport, start now! Exercise can maintain your ideal body weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Choose the sport you like, it can be started from playing badminton or walking fast around the house. 

Maintain your ideal body weight

Lose a few pounds in your body weight can reduce the risk of heart disease. Excess body weight is usually closely related to heart disease, diabetes, and bad cholesterol levels.

Healthy eating

What is a healthy diet? The basic principles of healthy eating for your heart are:
  1. a diet high in fruits and vegetables,
  2. oat rich foods,
  3. protein sources such as fish.
  4. Foods that are eaten must be low in salt and saturated fat.
  5. Avoid saturated fats that are bad for the heart, often found in junk food and fried foods.
  6. Food is better boiled, steamed or roasted than fried.
Avoid stress

Stress is related to the immune system and the occurrence of disease. If you are under stress and stress, seek help, talk to the people closest to you or do activities that you like to reduce your stress levels!

Regular control to the doctor

Many people are afraid to control a doctor. Even though by doing consultations and examinations, you can prevent various diseases in stages early. So don't delay coming to the doctor until a serious illness has struck you!

Don't smoke

Smoking is one of the bad habits that you need to leave. Smoking gives your body oxidative stress which can increase the development of fat plaque in your coronary heart vessels.

Limit alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of increased high blood pressure which ultimately leads to an increase in heart disease. In addition, excessive alcohol increases the occurrence of liver disease.

Love your heart, because your heart is the source of life. These are tips for maintaining your heart's health so that you avoid and prevent yourself from heart disease.

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