Terms in Snack Food For Balanced Nutrition School Children

The following are some of the meanings and terms in the school food snacks for the achievement of balanced nutrition.

Snack Food

Definition of Food: everything originating from biological sources of agricultural products, plantations, forestry, fisheries, livestock, waters, and water, whether processed or unprocessed that is intended as food or drink for human consumption, including food additives, food raw materials, and materials others that are used in the preparation, processing and / or manufacturing of food or beverages.

Definition of Food for School Children Snacks: food found in the school environment and routinely consumed by most school children.

Definition of Nutrition Adequacy Rate: an adequate daily average of nutrients for all people according to age group, sex, body size, body activity to achieve optimal health.

Definition of Nutrition: food substances that provide energy; necessary for growth, development and or maintenance of health; or if deficiency or excess can cause changes in the body's biochemical and physiological characteristics.

Definition of Balanced Nutrition: is a daily food composition that contains nutrients in types and amounts that are in accordance with the needs of the body, taking into account the principle of diversity or variety of food, physical activity, cleanliness, and ideal body weight.

Definition of Food Safety Supervisor: a person who has received training competency certification in the field of food safety by an authorized institution and has the scope of work to carry out food safety supervision.

Definition of Food Safety Instructor: civil servants who have Food Safety Instructor qualifications that have competencies in accordance with their fields in food production and are given the task to conduct food safety counseling from competent organizations.

Definition of Kilocalories: hereinafter abbreviated as kcal is a unit to measure the amount of energy in food.

Definition of Breakfast: eating and drinking activities carried out between getting up in the morning until 9 o'clock to meet some of the daily nutritional needs in order to create a healthy, active, and intelligent life.

Definition of Schoolchildren: children who are at school age (7-12 years) at the level primary school.

Those are some of the definitions of terms in the school children's snacks for the achievement of balanced nutrition.

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